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Buhi: A place of hidden springs

Buhi: A place of hidden springs

Buhi, Camarines Sur is known for it’s famous Lake Buhi and the world’s smallest commercial fish called as Sinarapan. Elders from this municipality uses both of it as their main source of income all throughout the years. However, Buhi doesn’t only stand out with that, as there are also a lot of rivers and springs hidden in this community.

People of Rinconada, most especially from Iriga City, Baao, Nabua and Bato travel minutes and hours to experience the calm and refreshing nature spots in Buhi. Mostly they are teenagers who loves to explore, trek, swim, and enjoy.

Today, as summer begins to give us signals to plan outings, hoard swimsuits and all, here are some of the hidden rivers and springs found in Buhi. Look at it and start planning your next journey with your friends, loved ones, and even your family.

Hidden rivers and springs in Buhi, Camarines Sur

Let’s take a glance first to the mesmerizing spring and river found at Antipolo, Buhi, Camarines Sur. We have the Pongol Spring and Cagusgos River.

Photo courtesy of Lakwatsa ni Kagawad atbp.
Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

1. Pongol Spring

The spring offers the tourists a cold water good for self-relaxation. As seen in the picture, it may be rocky but it’s safe and deep. Also, a bungalow or kubo hut near the spring is available if you want yourself a place to leave your belongings while you swim.

2. Cagusgos River

Compared to Pongol Spring, this river is an open spot. Travelers, especially newbies don’t have to experience a hard time finding it since it’ll only take 5-10 minutes of walk to transfer from Pongol Spring to this river.

Now, let us visit the Barangays of Monte Calvario and Bagaparil in Buhi, Camarines Sur as they hide the Libtong River and the Bagaparil Spring.

Photo courtesy of Lakwatsa ni Kagawad atbp.
Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

3. Libtong River

Libtong River is located at Brgy. Monte Calvario, Buhi, Camarines Sur. This can be reached by using motorcycles or vehicles appropriate for long rides. Near this river is a sari-sari store that you can knock if you run out of food supplies during your nature spotting.

4. Bagaparil Spring

As what it name speaks, this spring can be found at Brgy. Bagaparil, Buhi, Camarines Sur. Compared to the others, this one can be your favorite as a lot of beautiful sites are available here. To be honest, it has 5 small main stations but I assure you that the 2nd one gives the most relaxing experience.

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Lastly, here’s what Barangay Igbac in Buhi, Camarines Sur also hides.

Photo courtesy of Lakwatsa ni Kagawad atbp.
Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

5. Villa Meisa

The river in this location will surely give you an extra probinsya vibe because of the well built cottage beside it. This is a bit pricey since it’s worth 350.00 Php but people who already used it can tell that it’s perfect.

All of these picturesque sceneries are for free. You don’t need money for the entrance fee but when it comes to the cottages, you can just split the amount with your comrades.

The nature is ours. So, it is also our responsibility to preserve it. Let us always practice the Clean-as-you-go (CLAYGO) and Leave No Trace (LNT) principles when visiting this spots.

Let’s live our life to the fullest. No excuses, no regrets, just happiness and travels. It’s time to uncover these astonishing hidden rivers and springs in your area, so start now and let your adventurous heart be happy.

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