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Put a little razzle in your dazzle with the Generation Dazzle Me Collection!

Put a little razzle in your dazzle with the Generation Dazzle Me Collection!

I have always loved the shape of my lips. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for products that would make them stand out on a day-to-day basis. So, when Dazzle Me Philippines sent an entire bag filled with their newest Generation Dazzle Me Collection, I was beyond excited. The entire collection aims to allude to Gen Z individuals who will become the country’s future changemakers. The said individuals are the future faces and phases of beauty. Keeping that in mind, the brand, just like Gen Z individuals, also encourages users to be their most authentic selves and to feel unafraid to discover beyond norms. 

Put a little razzle in your dazzle with the Generation Dazzle Me Collection!

The Generation Dazzle Me Collection has four products: the Misty Matte Lip Cream, the Glossip Girl Lip Cream, the Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush, and the 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum. The first thing that stood out to me was, of course, the packaging. If you want to buy every shade for the lip creams, you will get confused about which one you actually want to use as the only indication of the shade will be stated at the bottom.

But, that’s the thing, every shade in the collection actually looks absolutely perfect on every skin color. Whether you’re a mestiza or a morena like me, every item will look good on your lips. Trust me, I spent an entire afternoon trying every product on my lips and I love them all. Choosing a favorite from each product was like deciding on what to eat for dinner. You want one thing but the other sounds so good. So, you can’t really choose.

So, without further ado, here are the products in the Generation Dazzle Me Collection (and, yes, I did have my favorites):

Misty Matte Lip Cream

Misty Matte Lip Cream from the Generation Dazzle Me Collection is a soft-blur lip cream that will never dry out your lips. It delivers full pigment and sets to a soft matte finish without emphasizing lip lines. Aside from the matte finish, it has hyaluronic acid, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter that aims for a non-sticky and non-drying feel. The Misty Matte Lip Cream comes in six shades — Misty (bare nude), Encounter (salmon nude), Heartbeat (brick red), Poppy (sunkissed coral), Rose Manor (muted rosewood), and Desert Sunset (desert brown).

The first shade that I tried on was Rose Manor and it quickly became my favorite. Usually, I would have to put the wand back in the tube to get as much color as I wanted on my lips. But, with the Rose Manor, I took one swipe for my bottom lip and put my lips together – then, BAM! Color. I didn’t need to put the wand back inside the tube just to get some of the shade on my upper lip. It was already there. Still using just the amount of product that was already in the wand, I was able to even it out on the entirety of my lips.

Glossip Girl Lip Cream

The Glossip Girl Lip Cream from the Generation Dazzle Me Collection is a gloss-to-stain formula. It provides the luster of a gloss, a pigment of a lip cream, and the stain of a tint. Since it has a gloss-to-stain finish, it dries down to a pigmented and glossy sheen. Then, it fades into a moisturizing yet long-lasting stain. It has a non-sticky feel due to the creme-gel consistency, smoothing over the lips. Aside from that, it is also infused with 4D Hyaluronic Acid. This, on the other hand, drenches lips in hydration and leaves long-lasting moisture even after taking it off. 

The Glossip Girl Lip Cream has six shades — Nudeze (mocha nude), Preppy Peach (apricot peach), Pink Punk (raspberry pink), Brick Baddie (burnt red), Redropolitan (rouge red), and Brown 90’s (mauve brown). I’m not really a glossy-lip kind of girl. But, I will admit — this looks good on me. My favorite one was the Brown 90’s. It’s glossy and admittedly, pigmented, too. I let it sit while I worked during the afternoon and even ate a snack. Although the gloss lessened after eating, there was still an obvious stain that continued to remain.

Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush

The Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush from the Generation Dazzle Me Collection is a buildable hybrid formula blush. It seamlessly blends into the skin for a long-lasting flush of color. Since it has a liquid to a creamy texture, it stays longer than your usual powder blush. If you want your blush to completely pop out, you can build it up. However, you can blend it out to create a subtle look without caking. 

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The Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush comes in three shades — Sweet Pink (soft pink), Cheeky Orange (soft coral), and Flirty Peach (warm peach). Even though the three shades all look good on me, I think Sweet Pink is my favorite one. When it comes to doing my make-up, I want to have a monochromatic look. I want my blush and my eyeshadow to have the same shade. So, the fact that this creamy liquid formula can be used as blush and eyeshadow is an easy sell for me. It’s buildable and easy to use. 

24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

The reason why I had to spend an entire afternoon just to try out every product and shade within the collection was the Misty Matte Lip Cream actually aims to stay all day. It’s mask-proof, smudge-proof, and water-proof. All the wiping and scrubbing just to try them all out wouldn’t have been good for my lips. Thank goodness for the 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum from the Generation Dazzle Me Collection, though. It’s a multi-purpose lip topper and treatment.

It conditions your lips, brightens the lip color, and reduces the appearance of lip lines while providing lasting moisture. As a lip topper, it adds extra shine and subtle tint. As a lip treatment, on the other hand, it provides supple nourishment and rehydration overnight. Aside from that, the serum is also infused with skin-friendly and plant-derived ingredients for safe day and night use. 

What are you waiting for? Get your very own from their official shop on Shopee or Lazada! If you want to know more about Dazzle Me Cosmetics, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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