Bokashi balls, a solution to sustain clean water source

Bokashi balls or locally known as mabuhay balls were originally conceived in Japan. These mudballs produce clean, and healthy water by inhibiting the formation of algae and degrading any sludge. In addition, it also prevents water odor and acts like a probiotic to help aquatic lives to flourish. Aside from it being an easy-to-make compost, bokashi balls are also beneficial in reducing water pollutants. 

Bokashi balls, a solution to sustain clean water source

Composting is one of the natural processes in recycling organic matter. It results in a good fertilizer enriching soil and plants. During these days when climate change is continuously getting worse, caring for the environment is one thing we should consider. In lieu of this, bokashi balls are gaining popularity by being a good initiative for reducing water pollutants.

Bokashi Balls | Photo from Rafael Banson

Make one of your mornings productive by creating these eco-friendly balls. To form your own bokashi, you will need:

Ingredients in making bokashi balls

These ingredients above need to be combined until the mixture feels like bread dough. Form the mixture into a ball-like portion the size of your fist. Afterward, cover these mud balls with newspapers for at least two weeks until they dry. Once fermented, bokashi balls are now ready to be thrown in any body of water. Simple steps for a hundred percent organic, and eco-friendly way to save the environment.

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In the Philippines, bokashi balls are already used in cleaning some of our rivers. Specifically, they are thrown out in the Pasig River, Bocaue River, Angono River, Antipolo River, and many more. This project is initiated by local, and non-government organizations as well.

Throwing of Bokashi Balls | Photo from Rafael Banson

Water is a very essential part of human life. As we all know, there is a scarcity of water supply nowadays. The effective application of bokashi balls is a solution to sustain a clean water resource. In addition, it is a smart way to ensure the future availability of water supply.

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