Attention, Samsung fans: Galaxy S23 Ultra is here with a pro-grade camera!

Samsung fans! Welcome the new additions to the Samsung Galaxy S series: S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, all announced during Samsung Unpacked 2023. An official live stream was broadcasted on their official YouTube account. Live from San Francisco Masonic Auditorium, it is the first in-person launch Samsung had in three years.

Most impressive pro-grade camera

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera with Astrology Theme
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Official Introduction Film

The event highlighted Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s impressive pro-grade camera. For days, Samsung has been teasing its astrophotography capabilities by showing pictures of the moon on its poster. The tagline of the teaser, “Epic nights are coming”, draws inspiration from this feature. 

With this, expect top-of-the-line performance and quality. The engineering beyond this feature promises high-resolution images and a more improved autofocus system. Its video quality allows you to capture 4k quality at 60fps. This means it reads from both low and high ISO to capture light and dark tones with more accurate colors on both the rear and front cameras. 

Behold: A Ridley Scott Film

Behind the Scenes of “Behold”, a Riddley Scott film showcasing Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera.

To show how capable Samsung Galaxy S23 is, they partnered with “Gladiator” and “The Martian” director Ridley Scott to create a film using only the unit’s camera.

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Filming “Behold” using a phone camera left cinematographer Flavio Labiano impressed. In an interview, he shared, “At first, I figured he wouldn’t give me the range of options I normally have when working. But once I became accustomed to its settings, I was pleasantly surprised by how versatile it was.”

Galaxy S23 Series Price and Availability

Galaxy S23 Series: Unveiling

In the Philippines, you can buy them on Samsung PH’s official website. Big discounts await for pre-orders. The official price is as follows:

  • S23 128GB for Php 53,990
  • S23 256GB for Php 57,990
  • S23+ 256GB for Php 53,990
  • S23+ 512 GB for Php 76,990
  • S23 Ultra 256GB for Php 81,990
  • S23 Ultra 512GB for Php 89,990
  • S23 Ultra 1TB for Php 103,990
“For more than a decade, the Galaxy S series has redefined what a smartphone can deliver, constantly pushing the envelope over groundbreaking technology and reliable performance.” TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business, Samsung Electronics said. “This year’s S series continues in that intrepid tradition, building a legacy, exceeding your expectations.”
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