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Addressing Some Stereotypes About Leos

Addressing Some Stereotypes About Leos

It’s Leo season once again! So if you are born between July 23 and August 22, you are one of us! Although your sun is in Leo there are other things that we must also consider like our moon sign, rising sign, mercury sign, etc. In the traditional western zodiac, the zodiac sign Leo is associated with the King of the Jungle—the Lion. Leos rules the sun. They shine brightly in a crowded place.

Addressing Some Stereotypes About Leos

However, some stereotypes are circulating about Leos that I want to address:

#1 Leo’s are attention-seekers.

I would like to agree…to disagree. Well, as a Leo myself, I really hate the attention; Especially from strangers, teachers, and men (lol). I grew up shy around people however I may seek the attention of those people whom I value—my family, my friends, and my partner.

#2 Leo’s are natural-born leaders.

Again, stereotypes like this make me overthink my own ability. Contrary to the stereotype, I am more comfortable being a follower. However, there are times that I am forced to be a leader and not because I want to. Although, yes, the stereotype might be true I think it’s the vibrant vibe brought by us Leo’s. We are fiery and enthusiastic when we address a problem, who would not be interested to listen and follow them?

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#3 Leos care about their image… A LOT.

Some stereotypes include some people portraying us as someone who always looks in the mirror. Well to be honest I do that too. No shame in looking at your face especially if you know you’re a beauty, right? Just kidding. Well, mostly I look at myself in the mirror because I was conscious of how others might see me. Sometimes I look in the mirror just to appreciate myself and there’s nothing wrong with that. We Leo’s simply just know how to love ourselves and we give that extra love to others.

#4 Leo’s are stubborn, AF!

What can I say? Leo’s are fixed signs. Meaning we are not susceptible to change. But the stereotype about us being stubborn really depends if they have a heavy fixed sign in their chart. I, for example, am pretty stubborn sometimes but I also accept change pretty quickly because I have a mutable sign (Moon in Virgo and Venus in Virgo). We Leo’s can be prideful most of the time but I know we always have good intentions.

Hope you enjoyed your month, Leo siblings! Do not be afraid to shine. Even if you fit in the stereotype or not, I still believe that whatever it is your zodiac sign, you’ll have your pros and cons. Rmemeber what Zenaida Seva said—”Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong free will. Gamitin natin ito”.

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