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4 Reasons Why We Love New Actress Angela Alarcon

4 Reasons Why We Love New Actress Angela Alarcon


Every year, there are a number of aspiring artists who are entering show business — each of them has talents and potential that could possibly make them big stars in the future. One of the new stars that caught our attention is GMA Network star, Angela Alarcon. She has this fascinating beauty that is refreshing to see on screen. But more than her physical beauty, there is something in her that make her radiantly attractive to netizens.

For those who don’t know, Angela is the daughter of veteran actor Jestoni Alarcon and his wife Lizette. She graduated cum laude at the University of the Philippines with the degree in BA Speech Communication. She’s also a taekwondo black belt.

In this article, we listed down some of the reasons why we love this young woman!

Angela and her expressive eyes


She undoubtedly inherited her good looks from her parents. She has expressive, brown eyes that we totally adore. Just look at some of her photos and get ready to be mesmerized. She’s a total eye candy!

Angela as a beach babe

She has also the body to die for! Scroll through her Instagram account and you will see a woman of confidence and command.

Angela as a fashion chic


We see stylish women on Instagram, but have you met a woman that could pull off any outfit with grace and poise? Well, Angela is our go-to girl!

Angela as a hodophile


She loves travelling with her family and loves sharing her experiences on her social media. We would love to travel the world with you, sissy!

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