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8 Things You Need To Know About Swiss-Filipina Chiara Lyn Markwalder

8 Things You Need To Know About Swiss-Filipina Chiara Lyn Markwalder


The first edition of Miss Universe Philippines features a diverse batch of phenomenal women from all over the Philippines. These 52 equally beautiful and empowered Filipinas have shown their beauty, grace, and poise in their pre-pageant activities — and one of them is Miss Leyte Chiara Lyn Markwalder.

This Swiss-Filipino aspiring beauty queen was raised in Switzerland but spent a bit of her early childhood in Boracay.


Village Pipol Magazine got the chance to talk with Chiara Lyn and we have discovered some fun things about her.

A fur mom

“I have a hypoallergenic dog snoopy. He is the love of my life and I trained him speaking Swiss German so i can speak German at home.” *laughs*

Multilingual queen

“I speak several languages including Swiss, Swiss German, English, Bisaya, and Tagalog.”

She likes taking notes

“I’m obsessed with writing lists and notes.”


She likes fruits

“I’m allergic to “hairy” fruits like mango, kiwi, and strawberry but I love them so rather than stay away from it, I try to eat bit by bit para masanay body ko and the reactions di na masyado strong.”

She likes to travel

“I love traveling but not the kind of traveling that just goes sightseeing. I like to see and experience things that are bit different. For me, the ideal way to get to know a place is sit down and spend time with the locals.”


A queen with a purpose

“Though the advocacy I’m focusing on is sexual harassment, I’m generally just pro earth and human. Once someone asked me what my advocacy was and it got me thinking…. ‘what do I really want to advocate?’

I want to encourage myself and people around me to practice mindfulness! I think everything starts with mindfulness. For instance, when we are mindful of what we eat we have a healthier body and with that follows a healthy mentality. We work out then we feel good about ourselves and if we feel good about ourselves we project good energy and people around us can absorb that. When we feel good we want to do good. Its a little bit of a domino effect. I believe everything starts with mindfulness.”

She loves Switzerland and Philippines

“When I turned 18 (legal age) I decided to move my life from Switzerland to manila. I felt like Philippines should be my home. Thought I miss Switzerland and my family there, I’m positive about my decision on coming here. I built a life here for myself and I’m doing what I enjoy which is invest in real estate and practice my little long lost dream of being an interior designer. Switzerland and the Philippines are both home for me and I think theres nothing wrong with that.”

She is family-oriented

“I have two brothers which I both adore. They are my everything and we are very close even though they live there [Switzerland] and I’m here [Manila]. My mom does a great job on keeping us all together.”

Support Chiara Lyn’s Miss Universe Philippine journey. Follow her Instagram account so you can get latest updates about her.

Photography: Jai Murcillo
MUA: Paige Pediri
Wardrobe & Styling: Enj Puno

Designer: Billy Dela Torre
Shot in Red Studio

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