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Julia Barretto shares her quarantine life experiences

Julia Barretto shares her quarantine life experiences


In almost two months of enhanced community quarantine, bad days are normal especially to people who are experiencing anxiety and those who are living solo. Actress Julia Barretto has been feeling the same thing — but she has her own to overcome her fears and worries. We admire a woman like her!

Julia on her solo living

In an interview with a local radio station Magic 89.9 Facebook Live session, Julia shared how she is doing since moving out of the family home last year and living solo during community quarantine since March.

“I know how to cook but I’m not good at cooking show type kasi parang I don’t know. Maybe I’m just shy. I don’t want to come of as nag-fi-feeling. But I like to do it. Siyempre when I was on camera, I didn’t know how to properly explain the things that I was doing. A real chef or somebody who really knows the right terms of what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Nahihiya ako eh. But I’m leaning towards what I do in a day or workout routines (for my vlog),” she added.


Julia was asked who encouraged her to get her own house. “My mom was actually the one who gave me the idea of having a house built. But it was also my personal choice. I wanted to live in the same village because family is number one to me. [I] never want to be away from my siblings especially my mom because I’m also only just 23. I know and acknowledge the fact that I still need a lot of guiding growing up. [I] need a lot of guidance but I feel more independent now. [I] really do run the house but I also find comfort knowing that my mom’s just around and I can always just run to her house for absolutely anything. I’m pretty much obsessed with her,” she shared.

Just like any other girl, Julia also experience grey days. “I have my bad days like I’ll feel off today. But there are days when I wake up and I feel like I’m glowing today and that’s when I take my selfies. And my gosh when I take selfies nakakahiya . I’m not vain pero siguro mga nakaka-more than 40(shots) din ako. Ang hirap maging girl (laughs),” she added

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