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10 Outfits Inspired By Taylor Swift Album Covers For Filipinas

10 Outfits Inspired By Taylor Swift Album Covers For Filipinas

Taylor Swift is an icon. We all know that by now. In light of her recent album release, I figured why not style outfits that are inspired by her ten albums? But, the thing is, we live in the Philippines where the weather goes from init to lamig. So, for Filipina Swifties out there (yes, I’m looking at you), I’ve compiled a few for the next time you get out of the house.

10 Outfits Inspired By Taylor Swift Album Covers For Filipinas

Taylor Swift

Released in 2006, Taylor Swift wrote and co-wrote eleven of the album’s tracks. It draws from her personal life as the songs reflect her outlook on life as a teenager, dealing with relationships, friendships, and insecurities. The album cover features a very young Taylor with very curly hair. Other photos also revealed that she’s wearing a white dress. So, let’s replicate that with a white dress of our own. Make sure it’s a sleeveless one. That way, you don’t have to suffer in the heat. However, if it is raining, bring a light cardigan with you to avoid the cold.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Serving as the first re-recorded album, she released it in 2021. It’s the first in the series of six re-recorded albums she plans to release, following the dispute regarding ownership of the masters of her first six studio albums. In the new cover, she wears a satin long-sleeved tie-up top. She looks so ethereal with her hair flowing around her. To replicate this look, I recommend a white long-sleeved satin top and a pair of bottoms in the same fabric with bow details to recreate the one she had on the album cover. I know it’s not ideal to wear all-white. But, just be… fearless, you know?

Speak Now

Taylor wrote the songs in this album in a two-year period while she promoted her second studio album. It features songs about her transition from adolescence into adulthood. She also wore a chiffon purple gown swishing it around magically. Sure, it looks beautiful. But, we can’t wear that on a regular basis here in the Philippines now, can we? So, I recommend wearing a lavender chiffon dress perfect for any weather. 

Red (Taylor’s Version)

10 Outfits For Filipinos Inspired By Taylor Swift Albums. With this, she released the 10-minute-long unabridged version of All Too Well and even received three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards alone. The album cover featured Swift in a beige trench coat and a darker-hued beret. However, the confusing weather in the Philippines won’t really allow us to wear the same thing. So, grab your favorite bright red ribbed cropped top and a beige pair of trousers to replicate the look. 


Yes, I know I put Taylor’s Version on the photo. I’m manifesting that this album would be the next re-recorded album that she would release. But, anyway, this album expresses lighthearted perspectives toward failed relationships, departing from her previous hostile attitude. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend you wear a thick sweater in the Philippines, as shown on this album cover. However, I recommend wearing something reminiscent of most of her outfits during this era. A black mock-neck top and a plaid skirt. 


Now, this is the most angsty album that Taylor has ever had. She wrote the songs in the album influenced by the commotion revolving around excessive gossip about her and finding love during tumultuous events. As for the cover, she wore a ripped grey sweater. Again, something I wouldn’t recommend anyone to wear in this confusing weather. So, I recommend something similar — a loud sleeveless top with a pair of high-waisted and dark-washed jeans. 


Taylor released this album as a love letter to love, taking inspiration from her recalibrated personal life, and newfound artistic freedom. It has a brighter sound, as compared to the dark and heavy tones of her former album. On the album cover, we can see her wearing either a white or light blue top. So, to replicate that look, grab a Cinderella-type short-sleeved top and a pair of light-washed jeans. That way, you can slightly feel the fairytale love story that she had listed in her songs. 

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Folklore and Evermore

Folklore and Evermore are besties who match their fits during brunch. The albums came out in 2020, months apart from each other. Taylor’s eighth studio album came out in July 2020, revolving around a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness. Meanwhile, her ninth studio album came out in December of the same year. This, then, revolved around an offshoot of the folklorian woods, regarding it as a sister album of the former. 

Match with your bestie and wear a white ribbed tank top, a pair of gray plaid pants, and a black blazer. One of you can, then, wear a similar outfit with a black ribbed tank top, a pair of beige trousers, and a brown plaid blazer. Accessorize with gold and black to make the whole fit cohesive.


Midnights – cue sighs! We didn’t even know that this album was going to come. And, yet, Miss Blondie didn’t disappoint. Taylor announced the arrival of the new album when she was receiving the award for All Too Well during the MTV Video and Music Awards. She was decked out in a luxurious and shiny silver dress that was definitely unforgettable. So, replicate it with your very own version during a night out and shout the lyrics for everyone’s favorite song, Anti-Hero.

Personally, I loved the Reputation-inspired outfit the most (especially when I already have the items for it). How about you – which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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