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5 BL Manhwas and Manhuas That Made a Home in My Heart

5 BL Manhwas and Manhuas That Made a Home in My Heart

Some people might get weirded about what Boys Love (BL) Manhwa and Manhua even mean. Manhwa is a graphic novel from South Korea, while Manhua is from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. And Boys’ Love or BL is a literary genre or media depicting the romance between male characters. There is Manga, too, which refers to comics or graphic novels from Japan. These BL webcomics or graphic novels have deeply impressed the entertainment community for years.

When you read BL manhwa, Manga, and Manhua, you will see a new world where romantic feelings within the same genders, specifically men, and artistic creativity coexist. It shows that romantic love between people of the same sex is possible. And being in love with someone of the same gender is normal and should be accepted. Hence, here are some excellent BL manhwas and manhwas that made a home in my heart that you might like to read!

5 BL Manhwas and Manhuas That Made a Home in my Heart

Salad Days (Tang LiuZang) Webtoon

Salad Days (Tang LiuZang) is one of the most popular manhwas in the genre of Romance, Shounen ai, a webtoon written by Tang LiuZang and Jing ShuiBian.

Photo┃Tang LiuZang and Jing ShuiBian

The story revolves around a young, innocent ballet boy and a passionate, determined boxing boy. They have spent their entire lives encouraging and supporting one another as they follow their passions and dreams. And even if they’re headed in opposite directions, their love for one another remains constant.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter 

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a completed manhwa and romance-drama genre written and illustrated by Bamwoo.


The story starts when the death of Hae-Bom’s parents forces him to move in with an adoptive family with a young son of the same age named Jo Tae Seong. Seo Hae Bom is in awe of Jo Tae Seong, the ever-handsome, popular, tall, and caring. Their relationship progresses when Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong end up in the same high school class, and an unexpected romantic spark ignites between them. Their progression from teens to adults and relationships are so wholesome that it makes me feel like I’m growing up with them. 

Here U Are

Here U Are is a completed manhua written and illustrated by Djun.


Two men, each very different from the other, are the story’s main characters. YuYang is helpful with newcomers/first-year students and people like him. In contrast, Lihuan, a tall first-year, is very quiet and stoic. However, as the two get to know each other more, Yuyang realizes that despite the younger’s intimidating size and indifferent attitude, he’s quite a kind guy. Djun art style is very neat and pleasing to the eyes. Aside from that, the story moves along at a nice pace, and you would not get lost reading it. 

Whose Baby Is It? 

Whose Baby Is It? is a manhua written by Wenren Niao Shi Duo and illustrated by Miji and Wuxian Zuoye.

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Photo┃Wenren Niao Shi Duo, Miji, Wuxian Zuoye.

The story revolves around two men, each convinced that they are Rourou’s biological father after a mix-up at an overseas fertility clinic. Yi Yun has cared for Rourou since he was born and loved him unconditionally, but another guy is claiming custody based on DNA evidence and a birthmark that looks much like the one Rourou has. Their bond develops further as they both want custody of the boy and are unwilling to back down.

Path to you

Path to you is written by Sinran under Kinsai Entertainment. 

Photo┃Sinran, Kinsai Entertainment

It’s a story of two men who meet under less-than-ideal circumstances. It is when unemployed Nathaniel pukes over Jensen, who is just trying to drink away his problems. As an apology, Nathaniel offers to tutor him so he would not have to drop out of college. Something more develops between them as the story progresses. 

These are just a few of my favorite BL manhwa and manhuas that I enjoy reading in my spare time. This BL genre allows me to appreciate the beauty of love regardless of gender. If you’re interested, I recommend you pick one from the list. And if you have any thoughts to share or spare, or you want me to add more, feel free to drop them in the comments!

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