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5 Filipino Christmas ads that will make actually make you cry

5 Filipino Christmas ads that will make actually make you cry

Filipinos do have a sense of togetherness which is even strengthened in times of the Christmas season. Whether you are blood-related with another or not, you got home as Filipinos value all forms of family and love. Thus, it shows that a marketing trend that suits the taste of countrymen during ber months is emotional advertising. Since then, we have witnessed numerous ads that pulled the strings of our hearts. They are basically timeless and relevant to what a Filipino could experience when the Christmas spirit looms around.

So, prepare your tissues now as we go for a ride to watch these tear-jerking Filipino Christmas ads!

Eden’s Mamang (2014)

Mamang tells a heartwarming story of kids at the orphanage who finds a mother figure to their caretaker they call Mamang. This is definitely a Christmas ad that will make you wish for children who don’t have permanent homes may find their comfort and care with people who will love them. This will bring you to tears for abandoned children deserve a good Christmas, a good life even.

YouTube | Eden Cheese PH

Coca-Cola’s The Last Customer (2016)

A documentary-style ad, The Last Customer, raises awareness about people who work at the mall during the holiday season. They are individuals who serve the customers even with last-minute shopping, but in exchange, they don’t have enough time to spend with their family on Christmas. This ad will make the viewers cry as the workers featured in the ad carry piled-up emotions within themselves.

YouTube | Coca-Cola

Jollibee’s Pamasko (2017)

This ad, Pamasko, gives a story about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who don’t have a choice but to leave their son in the Philippines, to provide for his needs. This ad will directly touch the viewers who are in the same situation too. Since, the best gift they can receive is to be a complete family once again, especially at Christmas. This also brings to light the plight of OFWs which should not be taken lightly.

YouTube | Jollibee Studios

Lady’s Choice’s Sitio Naubo: A Christmas Story of Togetherness (2016)

Sitio Naubo, a small town in Dumaguete lives in darkness for having no electricity in their area. While through the ad, A Christmas Story of Togetherness, it can be seen how the community show collectiveness. Even at Christmas, they radiate positiveness and authenticity with smiles on their faces. However, as their case about electricity brings forward, helping them still to fix their issue is appreciated.

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YouTube | Lady’s Choice Philippines

Globe’s Create New Traditions (2017)

Dogs are definitely part of the family too. Globe brings the story of a lost dog that finds a temporary home to a caring grandfather. It’s a cute ad, yet, viewers will get teary eyes also for the grandfather and the dog develops a precious bond and relationship with one another. Dogs are truly a great company that will give effortless joy to anyone, especially during Christmas when nobody deserves to be alone.

YouTube | Globe PH

TikTok’s Long Lives on TikTok (2020)

A classic story about a grandfather with his grandchild. This a heartwrenching ad from TikTok that will surely touch the hearts of individuals who are close to their grandparents. A bond with them is at a different level for it is so pure and raw that is only built with happiness. However, just like in this ad, living is not permanent, so, treasure all moments and bring them to your Christmas.

YouTube | TikTok Philippines

Have you got personal favorite and comfort local Christmas ads? Share to us your picks!

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