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Academic 101: Learning strategies for all students this pandemic

Academic 101: Learning strategies for all students this pandemic

It’s been a year since traditional face-to-face classes were replaced by online learning and the modular system. Due to the flocked increase of COVID-19 virus infections, it’s safer for students to stay at home. As a result, every house became a learning institution for each one of us. Hence, with the advancement of technology, the online class set-up became one way for students in higher levels to have at least a one hour session for every subject, while elementary to high school were given options of having a modular system of learning.

However, it may seem easy to assume that students will learn instantly inside their own respective houses, doing their own studies at the comfort of their home. Sure, there are a lot of benefits to studying at home: like less expenses for travel, food, rent for apartments or dormitories, and others. However, there is always a reason why students want to go to school to study.

A learning institution was created for all students to focus on studying and having an interaction with each other. I mean, your house may not be the best for learning, as we all have different situations at home.

On the other hand, an online class learning setup has its disadvantages when it comes to new types of learning. We all know that the Philippines has slow internet connection, despite the number of brands to choose from. Hence, the need to have a good internet connection is one requirement for all who have an online class set-up. Honestly, even if you’re not studying, every people who shift to the work-from-home set up also experiences this matter.

Taking an online class in the outrage of the pandemic is a tough battle for students. Learning might be different but a certain goal in life is enough to fight for your future. Learning styles and strategies would be awesome if you implement them well for yourself.

They say do not study hard, study smart. But, for me, it’s essential if you combine the two. Why not study hard and, at the same time, study smart? Hardwork and perseverance are a good tandem to get through challenges with your education.

To get through with your learning styles and strategies, it’s important to have at least a routine and discipline to motivate yourself to learn. Some learning strategies can help you in this new type of learning. Choosing the best one that complements your style is up to you as every person has their preferences.

Below are the strategies you might consider doing to ease the load of a taking an online class and being part of the modular system. 

Create a plan on when is the best time you manage to learn and stick to it as your academic routine

A disciplined learner knows his/her priorities and allots ample time to study. If you set a goal of achieving a certain grade, it’s advisable to have time management for every task to finish. Also, remember that family, social life, and alone time shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to settle tasks. 

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Have a specific place to study

It is good if you opt to have a space for your studies. It doesn’t need to be fancy, as its purpose is for you to concentrate and not be distracted. For example, if you prefer to learn while there’s music playing, try to incorporate it well in your study area.

On the other hand, if you’re a student like me who prefers a silent environment, try to be in a place that doesn’t have unnecessary noises. It is effective and helpful during exam week.

Start reviewing the most difficult subject

If there is a subject that makes your life difficult, try to put your focus on that first and ask for some help to your trusted friends and classmates. An online class might separate you and your friends, but having group study calls might be necessary, as it can also drive you to be motivated in learning.

Write notes and outline them properly 

If there is one that actually works for me, it is writing notes while the professor discusses the lesson. Even in traditional face-to-face classes, writing your own notes is very helpful, especially during exam week, since it’s easier to remember what you write it down. It practices your attention and familiarity with words and concepts.

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Use mnemonics (memory aids)

Mnemonics make memorizing fun and easier. Try to connect ideas and sentences to certain letters as you can recall the material or lesson. It also levels up your creativity and imagination. For instance, ABC can stand for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation for First Aid. This can help you recall all the concepts you learned and reviewed. 

Boost your motivation

Always motivate yourself. Simply reward yourself after a long day of studying. Allow yourself to enjoy things after diving into those books and notes. If you enjoy playing online games, try to engage in them. If you’re into social media apps like Tiktok, try to use it as it can certainly boost your motivation for learning. 

Remember that no matter what learning strategies you choose, if you are not in the proper state, the motivation to learn and finish the task can be low. It still depends on your choices and attitude. Make learning more fun and worthwhile. 

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