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Yeng Constantino becomes Academy of Rock’s global ambassadress

Yeng Constantino becomes Academy of Rock’s global ambassadress

Yeng Constantino

Yeng Constantino is the newest global ambassadress of the Academy of Rock (AOR), the Filipino singer and songwriter revealed on Tuesday.

According to their official website, the Academy of Rock is the sole music institution based in Singapore, focusing on the genre. The school is committed to teaching rock and popular music with internationally certified teachers. It also aims to raise the musicality of youth and promote a fun approach to appreciating rock music, ABS-CBN News cited.

In 2013, Constantino flew to Singapore to receive her Honorary Licentiate Diploma from the institution. She was also invited to perform, where she would impress the AOR executives. 

As a result, she was designated as the ambassador of the Academy of Rock Philippines. The AOR said it’s the first collaboration between them and an international star.

Yeng Constantino becomes Academy of Rock’s global ambassadress

Constantino took to her Instagram to break the news about her new milestone. Revealing that she was named the new Academy of Rock’s global ambassadress, she said:

“I feel excited to be an ambassadress of AOR once again. I look forward to collaborating with future projects, including music production, songwriting, or even mentoring upcoming artists.”

Furthermore, Constantino stressed that she believes in the power of music that can “enhance and enrich” a person’s life. With the concept being the “heart and mission” of the academy, she expressed willingness to partake in the commitment.


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“As they (AOR) train new musicians, songwriters, and music producers. I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful vision. I am honored,” she ended.

Yeng Constantino is known for her track Salamat, Hawak Kamay, and Chinito, among others.

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