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Evangeline Fuentes backs out of Miss Universe Philippines 2023

Evangeline Fuentes backs out of Miss Universe Philippines 2023

Evangeline Fuentes backs out of Miss Universe Philippines 2023

The Miss Universe Philippines season has officially begun. With lots of photoshoots, and content that are underway, its definitely exciting to see what they have in store for us.

Despite the busy schedules, however, one candidate has to cut her journey short. Evangeline Fuentes, the candidate who’s representing Urdaneta City, Pangasinan has unfortunately, withdrawn from the competition.

Evangeline Fuentes backs out of Miss Universe Philippines 2023

In a social media post, Pageant trainer Michelle Joy Padayhag released an official statement, explaining the reason behind the sudden departure. The statement reads:

Last week was one for the books after Ms. Evangeline Fuentes made it to the official roster of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. It has been an answered prayer and dream for her and the children in the landfill to be heard and empowered. However, the past few days have been tough for Ms. Fuentes after learning about a health condition that shouldn’t be ignored.
It is with great sadness to inform you on behalf of Ms. Fuentes that she will no longer continue her Ms. Universe Philippines 2023 journey.

This is then followed by:

My heart is breaking as I write this post because I know how genuine Ms. Fuentes is especially for her purpose and mission in joining Ms. Universe Philippines 2023. The decision might be tough, but we have to follow the doctor’s advice for Ms. Fuentes’ well-being and recovery. We thank the Miss Universe Philippines Organization, the provincial government and LGUs in Pangasinan, private groups, individuals, media, Eva’s team, fans, and most especially her family for the overwhelming support. Rest assured that Ms. Fuentes will continue to recover for her family and for all who believed in her dreams and the people in the landfill.

We hope that Ms. Fuentes will receive the same amount of love, prayers, and support.

Thank you so much. Hanggang sa susunod na laban.

Moreover, Miss Universe Philippines 2023 officially welcomed its 40 candidates on February 17. As one of the stand outs during the pageant’s initial screening and applications, Evangeline’s life story of living in a landfill spark the interests of many.

A potential contender for the one of the crowns, her story and advocacy would have made an impact as far as the Miss Universe stage. Its definitely sad to see her go.

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Wishing for a speedy recovery, we’re sending also our hugs and kisses to you, Evangeline. A transformational leader in the making, here’s to hoping that one day, she’ll be back, and she’ll be stronger than ever.

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