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Feel Old Yet? A look back to Yeng Constantino’s classic OPM hits

Feel Old Yet? A look back to Yeng Constantino’s classic OPM hits

The Pop Rock Princess herself Yeng Constantino established such a huge name in the Philippine music industry. For once in our lives, we screamed our lungs out as we sing along to her remarkable songs.

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She won the heart of many Filipinos as she became the grand champion of Pinoy Dream Academy, way back in 2006. There, Yeng first showcased her sincerest love for music at the age of 17. As the strong contender that she is, she instantly captured the hearts of many viewers.

From then on, her career continuously prospers and she is now an undeniable iconic OPM artist. She definitely did not disappoint as her artistry brought her to many places and her songs conquered hit charts from here and there.

In this article, we will look back on Yeng Constantino’s classic OPM hits that will timelessly play in our minds rent-free.


Hawak kamay, ‘di kita iiwan sa paglakbay
Dito sa mundong walang katiyakan.

Who would not pass on the vibe with this song of hope? This song by Yeng Constantino became every Filipino’s go-to videoke song. Several times, the song was also used as a graduation song. Just for how popular this song was, I am pretty sure that many listeners could even barely memorize it by now.

SALAMAT (2007)

Ang awiting ito’y para sa’yo
At kung maubos ang tinig ‘di magsisisi

Just another inspirational song by Yeng that became a massive hit. The urge to express our gratitude to anyone was justified by this song. Truly, its sound is timeless considering that the song was still used in singing contests aired on national television. Also, the song served as an anthem for the yearly graduation and recognition rites we experienced as a child.

COOL OFF (2007)

’Wag mong isipin na hindi ka na mahal
Sarili ko’y hahanapin ko lang
At ang panahon at ang oras ng aking pagkawala
Ay para rin sa ating dalawa.

This song reveals the sad reality of undergoing cool-offs. Just as how emotional the song was, you would be able to feel its pain. Also, it dwells with the tendencies of totally being just not in the zone anymore to go back to one another. Just being open with the possibility is part of the sorrowful part of it.

TIME IN (2007)

Ako si Darna
Ako ang Dyosa
Ako ang talang
Nagniningning sa kalangitan

Who would have not gotten LSS with these very iconic lines? The song revolves around the story of a cute employee-boss kind of relationship. The girl in the song has a special thing for her boss that always excites her to go to work. Those simple glimpses that the girl got to give to her boss became her source of happiness to keep her sane.


Sumakay ako sa jeepney
Ikaw ang nakatabi
‘Di makapaniwala

Who would not get fascinated with love-at-first-sight kind of stories? This song is a simple story of an admiration that arises with commuting via public transportation jeepney. Basically, the girl just had a huge crush on a guy that she happened to see as she rides the jeepney. Just how enchanting that she would not want to go down the jeep because of her huge admiration.

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CHINITO (2013)

Mapapansin mo ba
Kaya ang tulad ko
Kahit nasa sulok lang
Ng iyong mga mata?

This endearing song also effortlessly captured the heart of the listeners. Well, especially those who can relate to it that have an admiration toward Chinitos. The song was just very light and relaxed that making it unique among the other songs that Yeng previously then released.

PAG-IBIG (2013)

Ang pag-ibig hindi parang cellphone
Kapag naluma papalitan

Yeng unleashed such a different and light approach to this iconic song. In every line from the verses, she metaphorically compared love to random things. It was just fascinating how she was able to alluringly pull the lyrics off with appealing comparisons to love. Also, the song is very sincere in the means of expressing the girl’s love for her lover with her words.

IKAW (2014)

Ikaw ang pag-ibig na hinintay
Puso ay nalumbay nang kay tagal
Ngunit ngayon nandito na, Ikaw

Indulge yourself with this song full of love and sincerity. Who has not gotten hooked on this song that was used in several wedding ceremonies? In fact, Yeng has specially written this song as their prelude to her own wedding with her husband, Victor Christian Asuncion. Also, this song even served as the standard background music whenever something cheesy appears on national television.

Feel old yet? Well, Yeng Constatino’s masterpieces never get old! Will we be hearing more from her in the future? Well, that would definitely be a blast, for sure!

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