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CELEBRITY STYLE: Outfit Inspo from Filipina Celebrities

CELEBRITY STYLE: Outfit Inspo from Filipina Celebrities

The worst thing about having plenty of clothes is choosing what styles you should come up with for a change. Right? The thrill of seeing your favorite Instagram star in a new outfit whether it’s Sofia Andres or Nadine Lustre. There’s nothing better than watching your favorite Filipina celebrity-style another look. So let’s head on to their Instagram to find some outfit inspo!

Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto is a Filipina actress, who has been in many movies and TV shows. She is known for her fashion sense.

She’s a style icon! This white dress paired with boots is simple yet serves you a statement of confidence!

Julia has been featured in several magazines and online portals for her fashion sense. Her Instagram account, which has over 11 million followers, is full of outfits that she wears in everyday life as well as at red carpet events.

Arci Muñoz

Arci Muñoz’s style is casual and easy to wear. She loves denim and simple tops that can be styled in a variety of different ways. Her outfits are always on-trend and very versatile, which makes it easy for you to replicate her look. Although Arci’s style may not be as dramatic as some other celebrities, this is what makes it so perfect for everyday wear!

Heart Evangelista

Heart is a true fashionista. She’s not only stylish but also classy and sophisticated. Her timeless style can be worn both in the daytime and at night without looking out of place — which is why it’s easy to see why she’s an inspiration for so many Filipinas!

Heart wears outfits that are classic, and elegant. She knows how to make the most of her wardrobe by pairing different pieces together. She has a great eye for detail too; she always has her accessories down pat — from her shoes to headpieces or handbags there is always something interesting about them that catches our attention right away!

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo is one of the stylish celebrities in the Philippines. She’s known for her fashion sense and has become a trendsetter, becoming a style icon to both men and women alike. Co-ords are the best and most convenient clothes you should have since it gives the easiest way to style them.

In fact, she has been called a fashion influencer by many bloggers due to the number of people who have been inspired by her outfits.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of Instagram. There are so many stylish celebrities and so much inspiration out there that it can be hard to know where to start when it comes time for you to put together an outfit. But don’t worry! We’ve done all the work for you by putting together this list of celebrity looks so that next time you’re stumped on what to wear, just scroll through and pick a favorite from one of these ladies’ IG accounts.
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