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Why was it hard to be there for yourself?

Why was it hard to be there for yourself?

Do you struggle with often being there for yourself? Whether be it in times of mental instability or just in a mere casual day, respectively. If yes, then, you are not the only one who suffers from this personal issue.

In times of other people’s trials, it is normal for us to be there and be a shoulder to lean on. It is a very enthralling attitude for an individual after all. But in times in which we need ourselves more, we tend to be unavailable.

FACT: It is hard to be there for yourself

In this multi-faceted vast world, more often than not, we tend to keep our problems within ourselves. For as much as we can, we try not to involve other people in it. But, if all of a sudden that they’d need a hand, we would extend it thoroughly for them. Our availability for other people was somewhat limitless.

But, the hard pill to swallow is that we can be our own worst enemies. We are the least believers of ourselves. Other people might cheer us up during our downfalls but we ourselves would not just respond to it.

Why was it hard to be there for yourself?

You prioritize others more

At some point in our lives, we became selfish to ourselves. We tend to put ourselves in the least of our priorities as we look down on our value. Also, we became more easily invested in helping others with their personal issues than to deal with ours. Sadly, this trait is normal and we cannot sincerely avoid it in an instant.

You are insecure

Insecurities within ourselves could be promulgated in many forms. Whatever type of insecurities we may have to deal with, it is the main resource to why we tend to leave ourselves behind. We face the tendency of being a cog in a machine and not being particular about our individual growth.

You are a people-pleaser

Truth be told that we cannot please everybody, and yet we still could never neglect it. No matter how hard it takes, we still do things that would please others. There will always be the people-pleaser in us who were triggered because of so much pressure.

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You lack in self-appreciation

We never know what it is with ourselves that we tend to usually discredit our skills, looks, and talents. We overlooked the things that we have and more often compare ourselves to other people. Certainly, even if we are aware that it has to stop, it still naturally occurs within us.

You simply don’t care

When it comes to dealing with our own problems, we catch the tendency of simply not caring about them at all. Ignoring it and perhaps hoping that everything goes against our will. Getting stuck with the same old problems which seemed to have the same solutions but never got resolved.

Understand that every single hardship in this world requires a long due process to overcome. You might be dealing with the same personal issues today, but, know that your growth is limitless to embrace a wiser tomorrow.

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