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Being spicy with my love for hot sauce

Being spicy with my love for hot sauce

Hot sauce will never beat my love for desserts, especially ice cream and chocolate bars because sweets are simply supreme. In fact, I find comfort and joy in eating dessert foods because of the taste and sweet memories. Just a little background, I grew up in a clan that loves to throw exciting parties. And yes, the party menu always includes sweets such as cake, ice cream, macaroni fruit salad, leche flan, and more. Moreover, the sweet and fun memories that our clan made together at those parties come back whenever I eat desserts.

Being spicy with my love for hot sauce

I know I made my fondness for sweets truly obvious since the introduction, it almost became about my sweets obsession. However, let me set the record straight, I like my food spicy and I consider hot sauce a must-have, too.

It just so happened that I fell in love with sweets first before I did with hot sauce. And, just to be clear, as much as I enjoy eating spicy food, I cannot take too much of it. Since my obsession with desserts seems overrated, I will tell you why I fell in love with hot sauce.

Our go-to restaurant

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I liked to eat out every Sunday at our go-to restaurant, Pizza Hut. I remember feeling like a great fortune teller because, without looking at the menu, I know what our orders will be. Well, we always request the same set—two family pan pizzas with mushroom soups and drinks. 

Honestly, I think we have not eaten at the Pizza Hut restaurant for more than five years now. But, I can still remember the place and the condiments placed on each table—salt, pepper, and hot sauce. As far as I remember, I think my earliest encounter with a hot sauce took place at Pizza Hut. I tried a pizza with hot sauce once and since then, my interest in hot sauce and spicy food grew.

There was this trend in highschool…

During my time as a high school student, it seems like hot sauce became a trend in our school. I do not know what kind of phenomenon happened, but everyone seems to like adding hot sauce to their food. Of course, I am no exception because I also always requested additional hot sauce on my burgers. I think I also learned to enjoy the pungent taste of it because of my friends. Hence, I think the “spicy trend” made me fall in love with hot sauce, and I am loving it.

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The Spicy and Tasty Aftermath: Ssamjang & Gochujang

Truly, hot sauce paved the way so I could appreciate more delicious spicy foods. If I did not let hot sauce prepare me, I would not be able to enjoy ssamjang and gochujang. Hailing from South Korea, these are both spicy pastes, but the latter paste tastes sweeter. I discovered these tasty spicy pastes because of samgyeopsal or grilled pork belly, a famous Korean cuisine. 

Just like other people, I also hop on the trend of trying Korean foods, and samgyeopsal is my favorite. A little story time: my cousin would always invite me to eat samgyeopsal together with our relatives. Through this, I learned that not only does samgyeopsal tastes good, but it also tastes better with ssamjang or gochujang. The spicy taste adds more kick and flavor to the meat, which makes it even more mouth-watering.

As a food-lover, all of my gratitude goes to the hot sauce for introducing me to many great foods. Because of it, I get to collect flavorful and memorable eating experiences with my family and friends. So, how about you? Do you like spicy food or do you have any spicy story time? Share it with us!

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