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Forgiveness doesn’t require reconnection so stop forcing it

Forgiveness doesn’t require reconnection so stop forcing it

When you take a step towards forgiveness, you’re deciding to let go of the pain. You want to break free from the things making you suffer. Also, it is because you know you deserve peace and happiness.

However, we misinterpret how forgiveness means things will go back to where they used to be. Sometimes, it doesn’t always mean reconnection, especially when you can’t replace what has been lost. Things are different for you and for others. You can’t just force it to happen.

From my experience, you can’t rush forgiveness. It’s a step-by-step process you should know and learn. When you are able to reach the end of this stage, it will be easy for you to forgive. Even if it takes time to move your steps, the important thing is you are making progress.

We can’t also say it’s easy to give genuine forgiveness. What’s simple to you might be hard for others. It might also depend on the situation you are in and the issue you are dealing with, as not all stories are the same. We should stop pressuring ourselves for letting our doors open for the things we want to close. Though, we can still open it as long as our hearts, minds, and souls want to.

Furthermore, when it comes to reconnection, it is a different approach. Reconnection is a two-way process. Both parties must be willing and prepared to reconcile. The other might forgive but is no longer interested in bonding, while some forgive and are ready to connect once more. If only one side is willing to do it, then it won’t be possible. You can’t force things to happen the way you always wanted them.

Yet, somehow, forgiveness and reconciliation make things become stronger than they were before. However, always remember that no one must require you to do so. The choice is in your hands. Choose what you think is the best for you.

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