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Wednesday Deserves to Go Trending, Here’s Why

Wednesday Deserves to Go Trending, Here’s Why

Being the latest adaptation of The Addams Family, the comedy horror TV series Wednesday has broken the internet with its release on, of course, Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

The series revolves around Wednesday Addams, who ventures on a journey to solve a supernatural mystery case connected to her family. A homicidal monster, a town forefather, and a mysterious, dead family—puzzle pieces that are woven into one mystery. Wednesday wields her emerging psychic abilities as she navigates through the unique environment at Nevermore—a school for outcasts.

Wednesday has gone viral mainly for the protagonist’s sadistic personality and gothic tendencies. In the teaser, it shows how she put piranhas in a pool as revenge against the boys who bullied her brother Pugsley. “The only person who gets to torture my brother is me,” Wednesday says.  It is one of the most popular scenes that are talked about on the internet.

Have you watched the series? Some information might be a spoiler if you haven’t. This is your warning!

Wednesday’s iconic lines will amuse you

Wednesday ended up transferring to Nevermore after the piranha fiasco was concluded as a murder attempt and got her expelled. Eight schools in five years—one of the reasons for this is her sharp tongue that can cut through anyone. Wednesday fearlessly says what’s on her mind in the bluntest, darkest way possible. She’s not afraid of voicing out the truth, and she loves to say it in ways that will pierce through whoever she speaks to.  That’s just the way she is. You get to know her deeper the more she speaks. She’s witty and tenacious, Wednesday’s lines will keep you entertained and thinking all throughout the series.

The characters are well-written

Despite revolving around Addams, supporting characters in the series played a vital role in the unfolding of the nerve-wracking case. Firstly, Enid, Wednesday’s roommate fueled her subtle character development of warming up to others. Then, Xavier consistently showed up at bad times and became the primary suspect as the identity of the monster. In addition, Bianca, Nevermore’s popular girl constantly clashed with Wednesday in a competitive yet mature relationship. Lastly, Tyler, Wednesday’s love interest ends up being completely different from what he shows to be. The series delves deeper into these, and more characters’ personal lives which explain the person they came to be and how they come into play to solve the mystery.

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The events are presented at the perfect timing

What makes Wednesday an enjoyable series is that you get to maneuver the situation through Wednesday’s perspective. Once an unsettling, puzzling question enters Addam’s mind, she will instantly investigate to find answers. The TV series contains the right blend of light-hearted scenes which allow viewers their giggles but are not any less relevant to the story. It comes with constant thrillers, but it doesn’t leave you hanging for too long. It is fast-paced and excludes unnecessary scenes. It’s as if you’re in the series itself, moving as the protagonist.

The plot twists

Just when you think you’re at a final conclusion, you’re presented with another piece of information that will make you rethink all over again. This cycle goes on as you proceed with the series with answers revealed only in the last bits of the final episode. The constant plot twist makes you hooked and eager to discover the truth only to feel baffled by the time the credits show up. It leaves a faint feeling of urge to know more as the show ends with some unanswered questions.

Due to this, as well as the slight hint in the last seconds of the series, people are expecting a second season. Can’t wait already!

Wednesday is the perfect series to watch for those who love horror and mystery with a pinch of comedy. These are genres the public has proven to love. If you are someone who has a fear of missing out, you can’t skip this series! What are you waiting for?

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