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5 Red Velvet Concepts ReVeluvs Find Hauntingly Beautiful

5 Red Velvet Concepts ReVeluvs Find Hauntingly Beautiful

Here come the witches! From pizza guy hunters to mysterious brides, Red Velvet conjoins creepy yet elegant aesthetics for comeback concepts.

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K-Pop girl group Red Velvet is one of the most diverse artists in the industry, with releases ranging from endearing ballads to synth-pop hooks, the girls surely can nail any type of music. A reason why their fandom, ReVeluv, always there supporting and pouring lots of love on every comeback.

Moreover, fans not only stick out for their sound merely, as like their filmography, the band showcases a spectrum of mind-boggling concepts! Spooky? Let’s dig into some of Red Velvet’s iconic and creepiest eras:

5 Red Velvet concepts ReVeluvs find hauntingly beautiful

피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)

Pepperoni with a splatter of horror coming right up! Who would have thought pizzas and murders will make such a successful combo for a comeback concept?

Truly disturbing, the music video for Peek-A-Boo sums up the Halloween quirkiness of the band. ReVeluvs are speculative of the original synopsis of the story as the music video was scattered in different sequences. But one thing is certain, no delivery guy is safe on this one.


Fan-favorite! Psycho is loved by many K-Pop stans and was once pegged and nominated for Song of the year at the year-end award show MAMA 2020. Like its motif, there’s something uncanny about the styling and sound this era brought to the game: Red Velvet in their sinister widow portrayal.

Nothing’s scarier than a mad woman in action. The ending scene where members, IRENE, SEULGI, WENDY, JOY, and YERI are seen chasing each other while dancing with their dead spouses’ clothes is simply astounding to fathom.

RBB (Really Bad Boy)

Only ReVeluvs with nice taste can identify this masterpiece of a song as one of Red Velvet’s pinnacle for a title! Like their other music videos, it’s creepy as fuck! Howling in the lurking graveyard is a furious big bad shapeshifter coming after our girls.

RBB feels as if Melanie Martinez and Mariah Carey do a collaboration for dear Spooktober. Well, such high notes are no joke! Bless us with IRENE’s D7 right there.

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Bright and bubbly that is Red Velvet. A happy pride song full of smiling lyrics and melody, at least that’s what Queendom is to some. Or wasn’t it?

We stan queens who do slay, and by saying that, literally piles-of-bones-crows-scavenging-slay. Some fans theorize from the album artwork that the era’s concept was indeed a massacre scene as the girls posed over a tractor indicating such cataclysmic secrecy.


More of the sorcery vibe as Red Velvet takes chants and hex to a pop extent with Birthday’s concept. As they should, their 2022 year-end release struts the “I showed up at your party” extravaganza.

This recent release also transverses the band’s synergy for black magic! Well, just in a more chic version, gate-crasher, ready to smite in pink barb-wired baseball bats. Unless you want to end up like the cyclops bouncer in the music video you surely will let these witches pass.

SM Entertainment and their never-ending saga for songs with birthdays in it. Of course, girlies won’t be safe! But hey, what are your thoughts on Red Velvet and their dark concepts?

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