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Series from the Horror Genre to Binge-watch this Spook Season

Series from the Horror Genre to Binge-watch this Spook Season

The ‘Ber’ Season has officially kicked off, and we’re all here for it. What better way to celebrate the season than to celebrate in a Filipino way? As early as September, the holiday vibes start kicking in, and many of us are already in Christmas planning mode. We’re just all looking forward to the holiday season to come. But, before Christmas, there’s yet another season we are all looking forward to. That is no other than the Halloween season.

Known as the season for costume dress-ups, trick-or-treatings, and tons of chilling supernatural stories, the Halloween season is definitely worth waiting for. And in anticipation of the upcoming Spook Season, we have prepared a few delightful treats for those thrill-seeking cinephiles out there.

Below is a list of a few spine-tingling horror series you might want to binge over the Halloween Season:

American Horror Story

Long-time running horror TV series, American Horror Story, is an anthology series with each season having a self-contained story. From haunted mansions, insane asylums, freak shows, haunted hotels, and more, the series provides its rendition of classic American horrors. Even more, it loosely incorporates true-crime events, adding gravitas to the already graphic and disturbing images and themes of the show.

As of writing, the series is on its tenth season, while season eleven is in the works. Furthermore, despite being an anthology series, it has been confirmed that all seasons are actually intertwined.

Scream Queens

Twenty years ago, a Kappa Kappa Tau sorority member died of childbirth after being neglected by her Kappa sisters. Meanwhile, in the present day, a serial killer donning the red devil costume is on the loose, wreaking havoc on campus. While almost everyone has the motive to kill, questions are yet to be answered. Who is the man behind the devil mascot? What is the motivation behind the murders? Moreso, has it something to do with death from the past?

This two-season series is a hodgepodge of horror and comedy that features familiar faces from the horror genre. Therefore, it is yet another horror series for spook fans to catch up with.

The Haunting of Hill House

A family already haunted by their tragic history gets rocked by another baffling tragedy that prompts them to face their unresolved past. In their search for closure, the adult Crain siblings return to Hill House manor, a place they long abandoned, to confront the ghosts that continue to haunt them. And upon re-entering the mansion, the siblings discover the dark truths surrounding their obscure past.

Overall, this Netflix mini-series delves into the prevailing theme of grief in its many forms and how each individual struggles to cope with it. Thus, the series provides audiences with a more impactful horror experience beyond the typical scares.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Set in 1987, London, Dani, a newly-hired in-house au pair, sets foot in Bly Manor. She is hired to tend to the orphaned niece and nephew of Henry Wingrave – the owner of the Bly estate. However, upon her arrival, the mystery starts building up in the mansion as a series of odd occurrences fraught the place. Throughout the series, the characters unfurl several twists, tragic romances, and a dark past explaining the peculiarities surrounding Bly Manor.

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Altogether, Netflix’s follow-up series to The Haunting of Hill House is widely considered a gothic romance ghost story. So, if you’re in on a more atmospheric vibe in a horror movie, then The Haunting of Bly Manor is just for you.

Midnight Mass

Set on a remote island with a dwindling population, the story follows a small community of people whose faith is already waning. But upon the suspicious arrival of a young charismatic priest, a series of miracles occur, reviving religious passion in the community. However, along with these glorious miracles comes a more sinister plot looming from underneath the surface.

Entirely, this religious supernatural horror series a masterpiece that delves into the themes of blind delusional faith and religious hypocrisy. Hence, its viewers are in for a supernatural horror treat that touches on subjects involving religious inquiry.

Are you searching for spine-tingling series to binge for this Halloween season? Well, you’re in luck! The abovementioned suggestions are among the many exceptional horror series you could binge-watch this scare season.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these suggestions right away as the spook season is already beckoning at you!

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