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VP/Spotlight | Yukii Takahashi: Conquers The Throne

VP/Spotlight | Yukii Takahashi: Conquers The Throne

She has castles inside her bones, crowns in her heart. If a man threatens her with a battle, she raises him a whole war. Because she is a queen and she does not cower before no man. There is something moon-soaked and dawn flavored about Yukii Takahashi. With a wisdom-skinned heart and a wit-warmed splendor, she rises like the sun in a sky of a thousand nebulae bursting. She built a dynasty that heaven couldn’t shake, a dynasty like nothing ever made.

Yukii Takahashi: Conquers The Throne

When she goes through the streets, no one recognizes her as a queen. No one sees her crystal crown, no one looks at the carpet of red that she treads as she passes. They see her one-of-a-kind beauty as she walks through a cluster of folk parting for her as the red sea parted for the prophet. They see the heart of gold, the kind eyes, and the genuine smile. Conquering the throne, she is a kingless queen – turning kingdoms into the greatest empires.

Annihilating villains.

She is a queen with a dream of bringing peace into the world – noble deeds, heroic things. She dreams of being an artist, a performer at the very core. Yukii Takahashi remains that kind of royalty that works hard just to achieve her goal. She remains supportive and continued to motivate other people on pursuing their dreams. As a queen, she has a magical capability to encourage others as much as she could. She leads a monarch with a kingdom that loves her, shutting down any loathsome that may fill her mind.

Conquering the throne, she doesn’t second guess herself – hindering anyone from underestimating her. She remains in charge, a force of nature nobody can ever ignore. Yukii Takahashi can cast a spell, mix a special brew as she ignites a fire within her chest. She is a queen that lives in a new generation – no man in the world will be big enough for her arms. Her Majesty herself leads the smart, powerful, creative, and accomplished young women. She teaches them to deserve to be treated with dignity and respect; that they should disregard anyone who demeans or devalues them.

A queen and a hero.

She is a queen, not a toy. Nobody owns her and she certainly is not meant to be put on display. Yukii Takahashi remains free to live the life she wants – to say and do whatever she pleases. A heart made out of steel grows in her chest, proving that she became stronger and turning her pain into power. She does not hide away in the moonlight, annihilating villains with her bare hands. Leading her battalion, she wears a medallion – a symbol on her chest. She has a mission on lock and she sees it through.

People just assume that every problem that a princess – or rather a queen – has gets solved because a big strong man showed up. Yukii Takahashi does not need another man – another Hercules to fight the rising odds. She is her own hero – strong and fast and fresh from a fight. Not just a pretty face, she has a brain that could strategize out of any war and any battle. She is everything you wish you could be, flying higher than any eagle. Not heroes wear capes because this one wears a crown… or a floral corset top and a pink glossy lip.


Publisher |  Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief |  Angela Baltan
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
Digital Manager |  Allen Esteban

Produced by Stephen Capuchino
Words by Angela Baltan
Photography by Dennis Sulit
Art Direction| Jobo Nacpil
Makeup by Janell Capuchino
Hair by Mycke Arcano
Stylist | Myrrh Lao T0
Associates Mack Bersalona and Edj Galang
Wardrobe by Job Dacon, and Lights Shine White

Special thanks to  Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.


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