10 Valorant Terms Newbies Should Know About

Welcome to the world of strategic gameplay and thrilling excitement! As you embark on your journey to become a seasoned player, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the basic Valorant terms and phrases utilized within the game. Prepare your weapons and tactical gears, and let’s explore the realm of Valorant terminology!

10 Valorant Terms Newbies Should Know About

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1. Smurf

Photo: Jason Parker | Valorant

A Valorant Smurf isn’t one of those blue cartoon characters from a movie. Instead, it refers to an experienced player who creates a new account with the intention of playing against lower-skilled opponents. Smurfing can provide an opportunity for skilled players to play without the pressure of their main account’s rank or to play with friends who are at a lower skill level. However, smurfing is often frowned upon by the community as it can lead to an imbalanced matchmaking experience for less skilled players.

2. Dink

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When a player lands a shot on an opponent’s head without killing them, it results in a hit that is often referred to as “dink”. Essentially, it’s a way to communicate that the shot was successful but didn’t inflict as much damage as a regular headshot.

3. Heaven

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Heaven is a common callout used to refer to a specific area or position on various maps within the game. It typically represents an elevated or high ground location that provides a strategic advantage for defending or observing the surrounding area.

4. Hell

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Similar to heaven, “hell” represents a location, usually situated below or beneath an elevated area, that holds strategic importance in the game.

5. Subroza

Photo: Diamond Lobby

Subroza is a callout in the map Ascent, located underneath Mid Top cradled next to Mid Catwalk. The term was coined when ex pro Valorant player TSM Subroza killed the entire opposing team with a ghost, from that same spot.

6. Hookah

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Hookah is a specific area on the map Bind and is associated with the B bombsite. It is a long corridor or hallway with distinct characteristics, often featuring a curved shape and multiple entrances. It is located near the defender’s spawn area.

7. Rush B

Photo: lBlueBlood | YouTube

Rush B is a popular call-to-action used by players to coordinate a swift and aggressive attack on the B site. The phrase typically signifies a focused and coordinated rush towards the bombsite, often bypassing other areas of the map to quickly overwhelm the defending team at the B site.

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8. Throwing

Photo: u/SleptOG | Reddit

Throwing refers to a player or team intentionally performing poorly or making deliberate mistakes during a match. It implies that the player or team is not giving their best effort or actively trying to lose the game. Throwing can have a negative impact on the overall gameplay experience for both teammates and opponents.

9. Drop

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When a player says “drop me,” they are asking a teammate who has enough in-game currency to buy them a weapon. This practice of dropping weapons allows teammates to redistribute their resources and ensure that everyone has access to suitable weaponry to increase their chances of success in the round.

10. GGEZ

Photo: Reddit

“GG EZ” stands for “Good Game, Easy.” This phrase is often used by players who win easily to mock and belittle their opponents. It can be demoralizing and disrespectful to the losing team, so it’s definitely better to say this when your team has the upper hand.

So, armed with this newfound knowledge, step onto the virtual battlefield with confidence. Remember these terms, and soon enough, you’ll be strategizing and communicating like a seasoned pro. Good luck, and may your Valorant adventures be nothing short of legendary!

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