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Underrated artists that you should check out

Underrated artists that you should check out

The world is filled with a lot of talented individuals who never had the chance to be in the limelight. Most of these underrated artists are at the far end of mainstream media, and that is a total sin!

Although being underrated and not known by a lot of folks is what makes these artists extra special, their works of musical art are something the world deserves to hear.

Here are several underrated artists you should really check out.

Christian Leave

Christian Leave or Christian Akridge became popular during the Vine era (RIP Vine) and when the app was shut down, he immediately put a halt to posting comedy and started posting song covers. This musician eventually released originals and he continues to do so. Your life your time is one of his best, go give it a listen and show some love!


Laufey is an Icelandic-Chinese musician with a knack for jazz music. Her music is a breath of fresh air amongst the almost similar-sounding ones in mainstream media. Her debut album Everything I Know About Love, comes out on August 26, 2022 (EST). But you can listen to her divine voice on all music platforms.

Gregory Alan Isakov

This Indie/alternative musician is an underrated artist who was put into the limelight when his song Big Black Car, was used in a McDonald’s commercial. But other than that, other songs by Isakov are streamed very few times. (A total crime!) He creates poetry in music, and the way he sings will instantly put you into a calm mood.

His music is the perfect buddy during quiet nights in your room alone, when you just want the world to be serene.

Ryan Ross

Former lead guitarist for Panic! At The Disco and frontman of The Young Veins. Ross released a few singles of his own but it never really took off, making him an underrated artist. Apart from the great songs he wrote for P!ATD you can also find music that he released after his downfall upon leaving his band.

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Group Love

Grouplove is an underrated artist that has an unnatural presence in mainstream media. For instance, their songs are featured in popular movies (Like The Fault in Our Stars) but they never really became famous as a band.

Welcome to your life is a great song about changes, dreams, and growing up. Which is what most Grouplove songs are about.

Which underrated artist do you think we should cover next?

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