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Spill the McFloat: Little Secrets You Have To Know About McDonald’s

Spill the McFloat: Little Secrets You Have To Know About McDonald’s

As a kid, I only know and eat two fast-food chains and one of them is McDonald’s. Filipino families all around the world grew fond of this chain due to quality food, desserts, and beverages. For young kids or young-at-heart adults, McDonald’s remains a must-go. Yet, there are still secrets people have yet to know about.

Spill the McFloat: Little Secrets You Have To Know About McDonald’s

The McDonald’s fries actually have a name.

Do you love the golden brown fries at McDonald’s? Do you know that it actually has a name? Yes, these hot and crispy dip fried potatoes have a name. Meet Frank the fry. Frank has many stories to tell and the reason why customers love it. Curious about Frank? You can watch Frank’s journey here:

McSpaghetti, with or without pork?

Most Muslim customers ask about McSpaghetti having pork as an ingredient. And here’s McDonald’s answer:

“At McDonald’s, we use 100% pure and Halal beef, free of additives, fillers, binders, and definitely pork derivatives. To have a clearer picture on our beef, we invite you to watch the journey of our beef patty from farm to tray through this link.”

But since there are still differences among countries and places in a country, better ask first the McDonald’s staff. Just to make sure.

For Large Food Orders, McDonald’s Dont’s

There are McDonald’s products that management cannot allow to deliver for large food deliveries. These include fries, sundaes, and McSpaghetti. Why? Because it may lead to poor quality products. Fries would go cold and it wouldn’t be crispy anymore. Ice cream would surely melt. Meanwhile, the spaghetti sauce might spill. That’s why parties with McDonald’s as food suppliers only come with chicken or other meals. If these products were served, maybe the customer and the management had an agreement regarding the food quality.

Mcdonald's Montalban Hi way
Facebook | Mcdonalds Montalban Hi-way

The Happy behind McDonald’s Happy Meal

Obviously, this meal is for kids and maybe for young at heart adults, a meal with a toy. But, except for the happiness that one feels after receiving the meal and the toy, they are more than that. Ever hear of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMCH)? Yes, McDonald’s company has charities with its ‘every coin counts.’ For every purchase of Happy Meal, 50 cents goes to charities to make others happy.

One charity is called the ‘Bright Mind Read’, a partnership program of RMHC and the Department of Education (DepEd). A project that sets the first beginning reading program of the country. That “…promotes reading and literacy to educate the mind, build character and cultivate social values.”

Another is the ‘Bahay Bulilit’ in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). This caters to daycare centers all over the Philippines. To help “…provide assured quality care, proper value formation, and play & study activities.”  This program is for children under six years old to prepare them for formal schooling or Grade 1.

Once you buy a Happy Meal, it is not only you who will smile. But also the children under the programs. Little did we know that a Happy Meal actually makes someone happy except the customer who bought it.

So the tea has been spilled, I mean the McFloat. Amazing little secrets of our favorite fast-food restaurant. Feeling hungry? Want to buy Frank? Buy a Happy meal and make your every coin count!

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