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88 Rising’s NIKI’s Song Lyrics That Are Way Too Relatable!

88 Rising’s NIKI’s Song Lyrics That Are Way Too Relatable!

88 Rising‘s NIKI is a queen of making us feel like we’re 18 and undergrads. She has given us BOP songs that were too relatable!

Here are the song lyrics that have given us way too many feels and captured the moments in our life that only NIKI could.

at the end, yeah, we burned

made a couple U-turns,

you were it ’til you weren’t

Lyrics from the song ‘High School in Jakarta’, on NIKI’s album Nicole

This song lyrics have hit us to our core. Since NIKI’s recent release of her latest album Nicole, we couldn’t help but relate too much to this.

The feeling of slowly losing the love you’ve felt for another person would be one of the most bumming things we could ever feel, and it is interpreted in a song makes it more manageable and can make us feel as if we are not alone.

Thank you, NIKI, for letting us know that we’re not the only ones feeling this way! It is both comforting and reassuring.

Truly, High School in Jakarta is sorta modern sparta.

Photo Credits to: Bandwagon Asia

tryna find where your head is

but I’m losing myself in the process

Lyrics from the song ‘Urs’, on NIKI’s EP Wanna take this downtown?

Yes, NIKI, where are their heads?

It is truly relatable when NIKI sings it. How can we really love someone when trying to do so is a process we’ll be losing ourselves in?

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Good thing NIKI understands! What better way to cope than listening to urs on full speakers while trying to gain ourselves back from losing in the process?

honey, I don’t stop for no one
but I’d pause for you

Lyrics from the song ‘Indigo’, on NIKI’s single Indigo

We’ve been in this situation, haven’t we all?

Aminin, we all have that one person that has made us bend and break the rules we’ve made for ourselves not to get hurt.

There’s always that one person we can’t seem to say no to, and we couldn’t have related more to anything else other than this!

Also, let’s not also forget how Indigo has been such a bop! Wanna know how far out does the indigo go? Let’s find out take the longer way home!

Photo Credits to: Genius

What about you? What NIKI’s song lyrics relate to you the most? Share it with us!

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