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Underappreciated Movie Trilogies You Might Want to Give a Chance

Underappreciated Movie Trilogies You Might Want to Give a Chance

The success of one movie is a hit, but creating three consecutive great films is almost an impossible feat.

Whether they have a low budget, an unfamiliar casting, cliche storylines, or bland cinematography, these are the ones that seem to stumble both in commercial and critical success.

However, some films are real masterpieces but can’t get enough audience. Receiving good reviews from critics and viewers? It doesn’t matter! Not to mention the negative thoughts. Additionally, just tanking at the box office is enough to deter movie watchers from giving these movies a shot. Or, in this case, a second one.

But listed below is everything you need to catch up on, underappreciated movie trilogies that I think deserve more appreciation.

Mexico/Mariachi Trilogy

A traveling musician (‘Mariachi’) gets tangled up in a mob war in a case of mistaken identity. Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi) must shoot his way to survive a fight he wasn’t originally a part of in the first installment. The Mariachi series continues with Antonio Banderas as the new ‘Mariachi’ who aims to avenge the death of his beloved. And to end the El Mariachi saga, Banderas goes on to settle old scores as he gets involved in espionage. Now, he must fight his way out in between the clutches of a corrupt Mexican General and a Psychotic CIA Agent.

The main reason to watch? Antonio Banderas and his charismatic take on the role of El Mariachi. Banderas could play any role and make me go wow most of the time.


The Millennium Trilogy

Adapted from the best-selling and award-winning Swedish crime novels, the Millennium Trilogy features the struggle of the two main protagonists to expose the government and defend themselves against political repression. The man behind the said novels is a journalist, Stieg Larsson.

Moving on, Larsson exposes us to the gray world of feminism through the viewpoints of Salander. Even though the Millennium trilogy showcases a lot of strong women figures, the graphic depictions of violence against women are one to watch out for.

As the title suggests, one of the main characters is Noomi Rapace, who plays Lisbeth Salander. Furthermore, her fantastic portrayal of Salander has kickstarted her international fame. Now, you probably remember her as Monday from the movie ‘What Happened to Monday’.

How long can you fight in a world that is seemingly out to get you?

Hannibal Lecter Trilogy

The Hannibal Lecter trilogy has got to be one of the best psychological crime thrillers. It brought us the famed villain Hannibal Lecter as we go through his journey from trauma to murder. There is something about the charismatic portrayal of Hopkins that you can’t hate him as a murderer.

The remarkable portrayal of Anthony Hopkins made sense of the novel variety of the cannibalistic serial killer. There is a reason why Hannibal Lecter is one of the Greatest Villains of Literature.

If you are looking for classic murder and crime movies, this trilogy must be atop your must-watch list.

The Vengeance Trilogy

What happens if you’re in pursuit of vengeance gone wrong? This brutal Korean saga of revenge, though not narratively connected, all fall under the revenge, violence, and salvation thematic. The three movies click through thematic links and call out our inner debates on ethics and justice. It makes you think that sometimes, our conscience is as flawed as the law.

If you are a fan of the classic revenge plot formula, this trilogy is probably for you.


Planet of the Apes Trilogy

Genetically enhanced apes are more humane than humans. Need I say more? The trilogy follows the battle of Caesar, a chimpanzee who gained human intelligence against the evil forces of men.

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Despite the good reviews and the global success of the franchise at the box office, Planet of the Apes remains one of the most underappreciated movie trilogies. Dubbing them as outdated in comparison to other sci-fi films. But what people tend to overlook is that this trilogy showcases a fantastic combination of special effects and a compelling narrative that will get you hooked.

For the fans of sci-fi action and adventure, you might want to consider giving this a chance. Even I sometimes think that Caesar is more human than some of us.

The Before Trilogy

Severely underappreciated. The Before Trilogy depicts the realities of life, choices, love, and relationships. Director Richard Linklater has successfully presented the unseen facets of love and relationships that people romanticize—delving deeper into mysteries of undeniable human connection and the works of fate bringing two separated people back together like it was meant to be.

The refreshing take on depicting love may have been one of the reasons why this trilogy remains so underappreciated. For it strays far from the usual romance drama niche that people love.

I suggest you watch this alone or with someone you love from someone who isn’t a big lover of the romance genre. Then maybe later, you can talk about your whole lives together and apart. You’ll find that they are so much to learn and share. There is no need to go looking for it anywhere else.

Communicate. Reconnect. Form a stronger bond. Isn’t that what being in a relationship is about?


And there you have it! Come on, be honest, so far, which ones did I manage to convince you to watch? Or if you have already seen at least one of them,

Please share your thoughts with us through the comments.

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