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TV-Watching Personalities: Which one are you?

TV-Watching Personalities: Which one are you?

We all love watching movies and TV shows. And in fact, as we take in the show, we all develop a distinct persona.

Remember that friend who spoils the movie while you’re watching it?

Or the ones that keep asking about the events instead of just watching the movie?

There is more, and one of these personalities has to be you.

Which one of these are you?

The Film Critic

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People who watch the show to offer criticism. Every critically panned show should be watched with full attention, and no detail should be overlooked.

They’re the watchers who prepare to write reviews afterward.

The Multi-Tasker

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These are the people who, no matter how swamped they are, will never miss a movie premiere or a TV show.

Despite working in the background, they’re able to follow the plot of the film and understand what is happening.

Focused and excellent at paying attention, they’re undeniably dedicated.

The True Crime Enthusiast

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Are you one of the fearless fans of crime and murder and investigative stories out there?

These are the type of people who are easily frightened by horror films, but not by real-life incidents! Isn’t it crazy?

The Daily TV Watcher and Only In It For The Drama

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Popcorn is a must-have for watching TV to these viewers! A good drama is something they live for, and they can’t get enough of the tense scenes.

Watching their favorite daily show on television is a habit for these individuals.

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The Re-Watcher

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A movie or series that they enjoy will be re-watched over and over again, regardless of how many times they’ve seen it before.

As a form of escape, they turn to shows they already know and love.

Here’s a little secret: I do it with the TV series ‘Friends.’ I still find myself laughing out loud at the same jokes that cracked me up many times before.

Just Wanna Watch Something, Anything in the TV

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Those who are looking for something to watch or play in the background are the ones who fall under this category.

Nonchalantly scanning the scene, only paying attention if a particular scene starts to sound interesting or intriguing.

These people don’t seem to care and are easily distracted. They’ll switch to another once bored.

Did any of these personalities match up with your own? We’d love to know what kind of TV watcher you are!

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