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Rom-coms: Unrealistic Expectations They Gave Us

Rom-coms: Unrealistic Expectations They Gave Us

Rom-coms have been one of everyone’s favorite genres since the dawn of movies and series.

There is always that rom-com flick in our top favorite watch list.

It’s just so easy to feel good while watching them, and admit it or not, we’ve all made up our own rom-com versions in our heads.

Who wouldn’t want to experience the typical rom-com clichés, like being chased in the airport by our ‘special somebody’?

Or sneaking out in the middle of the night to wander around the neighborhood with our young love.

But these aren’t the only ones. Here are some of the unrealistic expectations that rom-com movies and series instilled in us.

Dramatic Airport Scenes

Love, Rosie (2014)

Of course, it has to start with the super cliché airport scene that almost every rom-com film seems to have!

We just see it so often that we actually kinda wonder when it might happen to us.

We all just love drama, and romance, don’t we?

Too Many Kisses in the Rain

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

And this one, too. Always, always leaving us yearning to experience this, even if just once in our lives.

Characters in romantic comedies make it seem so easy to just kiss, in the rain, in front of everybody.

In reality, prepare for sick leave because it’s unlikely to be romantic after, with the fever.

Love affair with Vampires, Princesses, and etc.

Enchanted (2007)

Admit it or not, rom-coms have made us wish for a prince/princess in our lives.

We even daydream about falling in love with millionaires, mafias, and even vampires and fictional characters!

Crazy, yes. But blame it on the movies!

Ben & Jerry’s Always Saves The Day!

FRIENDS (1994-2004)

Ah, the iconic scene in films and shows where everyone is sad or having a horrible day. And then there’s Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to save the day.

I’ve always wondered what it tastes like and why it appears in so many movies.

As someone who lives in the Philippines, I know you can’t just go out and buy Ben & Jerry’s, so I’ve always wanted to try one on a bad day to see if it truly does make me feel better, or not.

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Rom-Coms and Dance & Musical Numbers

White Chicks (2004)

You name it, whether it’s a summer holiday love affair or groups of girls over a confrontation.

Every romantic comedy isn’t complete unless it has a dance or a musical number.

We only wish that happens in real life, but you’d just look weird if you sing a song out of nowhere, without a warning.

Unlimited Chances

13 Going On 30 (2004)

They make us believe that we have all the chances in the world or a total do-over to win someone back.

That even after decades, you can just simply walk in front of someone you love and expect them to leave everything behind.

Unfortunately, people move on, and we don’t always get second chances or unlimited ones. Either we make things right today or be sorry later.

I’m not bitter, and surely not a buzzkill. But, as much as we enjoy watching these stereotypical moments and imagine them unfolding to us, it undoubtedly gives us unrealistic expectations.

Because of this, we sometimes fail to recognize what is real and what’s not, and we fail to set limits for what we should expect in a relationship.

That doesn’t mean we hate these films. We totally love and enjoy watching them. But, I guess, some things only do happen in movies.

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