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Guide to Entering the Realm of Webcomics!

Guide to Entering the Realm of Webcomics!

So you’ve just recently read a very popular webcomic, now you’re stuck and don’t know what else to read. Are you overwhelmed by the endless list of stories out there? Don’t worry, reading is not a race, and to be honest, with webcomics? It’s better for you to wait. Let’s get down to business and sort out your to-be reading list!

Download Applications

While it is very easy to just simply browse the net for the title of the webcomics (e.g. Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua) you want to read, I don’t really advise you to do so. Most of those sites online illegally upload the work of the authors without permission.

The best thing to do is to simply download a legit and trustworthy reading application. That way, not only do you support the author, but you can also read for free and guilt-free.

For starters, Webtoon, Tapas, TappyToon, Manta Comics, & Lezhin Comics are the best apps to read where you can support the authors and bond with other readers.

Know Your Taste

It is important that you have a clear genre in mind when diving into these stories, you don’t want to traumatize yourself after all. There are webcomics genres out there that are truly out of this world and would be better for you to read when you’ve already accustomed yourself to those that you know you will actually enjoy.

What’s great about downloading legal reading applications is that you already have an idea of what most webcomic readers enjoy. By knowing that, you can gauge if their taste matches yours. Usually, those that are ranked as top stories are absolutely worth the read! Some might be a little overrated but that’s up for you to decide after giving it a try.

Ask For Recommendations

Another feature of the webcomics apps mentioned above is that you can actually talk to co-readers. Most of them are friendly and would enthusiastically provide you with a list of what to read. You just have to ask. It’s no use being shy once you get hooked to a certain trope and is now craving for more.

See Also

Aside from the fact that they’ll be able to help you choose stories that would be close to your taste, talking with these people can actually foster close ties. Readers in the comment section are a friendly bunch and they will definitely help you a lot on your journey in finding out more about the webcomics world.

Be Patient

Well, all good things come to an end. In this case, most webcomics are ongoing and usually take about 6-7 days on average for new chapter releases. There are cases where you can actually pay to read chapters in advance, but since not all of us have extra money to spend, we wait for a week for new content. But that’s fine! The wait is worth it every single time.

Sometimes the best to do if you feel that you’re hung up and left on a cliffhanger is to look for a similar genre and start reading all over again! I swear that every single time, the hype is still there with these webcomics. So don’t worry too much about catching up with the latest chapters, there are endless stories to jump unto.

You’ll make your own rules as you continue reading along the way. For now, follow these tips and go proceed on your reading journey!

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