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Your Carbohydrate Spuddy: 5 Benefits of Potatoes

Your Carbohydrate Spuddy: 5 Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple ingredient in many dishes all around the world. These spuds are packed with a variety of nutrients our body needs. They have been consumed since the early days of the European exploration of the New World, and soon after, evolved and crafted into many meals that we know today. Without further ado, here are five benefits of your favorite spuds.

Benefits of Potatoes

1. I’m Still not Hungry

Let us start with one of its best benefits. Potatoes contain a huge amount of fiber which is perfect when you want to go on a diet. Turns out, eating this highly starchy food can make you feel full very quickly.

Fiber can make your consumption of food slower to reduce your appetite making you feel satisfied for a longer time. High-starch food can make you feel bulky and thirsty, so in turn, you drink lots of water that can also aid in making you lethargic or full.

Well, potatoes make a good nutrient combo team, making you feel full when eating and prolonging your stomach’s appetite by slowing the digestion process. Seems like a pretty great deal to love and eat potatoes more and more.

2. Juggling Nutrients

Potatoes contain a variety of nutrients that our bodies can benefit from. Here is a list of the nutrients that we can get from eating these oddly-shaped spuds with their recommended dietary intake:

You should also know that peeling the skin is not that advisable. The skin of the potato contains most of the nutrients our body needs. It is a vital part of their benefits to us.

In addition, frying is not recommended as it can increase calorie intake. Which in turn, can destroy the diet and make it unhealthier than usual. Say goodbye or start lessening french fries if you want to consume potatoes healthily.

3. Lower your Blood Pressure

Potatoes can benefit your blood pressure greatly. These spuds contain a huge amount of potassium and magnesium that can help decrease blood pressure. Naturally, in turn, it can protect your heart and lessen the risk of a stroke. Remember, a healthy heart and body can give you a happy and long life.

4. Zero Cholesterol and Zero Saturated Fat?!

You read that one right. Potatoes are cholesterol free and do not contain any saturated fat. It is just the oil and the fried dishes giving this healthy vegetable a somewhat bad reputation in terms of health.

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With the nutrients given beforehand, potatoes are actually good for the heart, not a threat. Radicals are those that play a role in multiple diseases most commonly heart-related ones and cancer. These spuds contain antioxidants that help your cells protect themselves against free radicals.

5. What Time is It?

Potatoes can help you sleep. These spuds are rich in potassium which can help make your muscles feel relaxed and calm. It also contains vitamin B6 which produces serotonin that can help you feel drowsy and sleepy. In turn, this makes potatoes a somewhat natural sedative a person can consume to aid them in sleep a few hours later.

Overall, potatoes are very versatile vegetables that can benefit your body if used appropriately. To remind you again, do not fear and peel the skin as they contain the highest amount of nutrients that benefit our bodies. Moreover, you can bake them, boil them, steam them, just not fry them.

It is fun to know the benefits of potatoes by being a spec-TATOR. Do you get it? Tortured pun aside, we all love potatoes, so you better go grab some because this vegetable contains many wonders for your body.

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