Tiktok creator Queennie Lopez apologizes for insensitive privileged comments

Queennie Lopez s3cret04 apology

Being proud of what you have is ok and you should be grateful. However, putting down other people, especially the underprivileged, is when you draw the line.

Queennie Lopez Tiktok

Privileged Tiktok creator gets called out

A Tiktok creator named Queennie Lopez is under fire for making such questionable statements on the platform using her second account. In the first video she got called out for, she insensitively takes a jab at fathers who cannot give their children what they want.

She talked about how proud she is to have a father who can give her both her needs and wants. According to her, it’s the duty of fathers (and mothers) to do that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Queennie said,

“What I’m gonna say is what’s offensive. If your dad ain’t doing that, I’m sorry for you. And now you’re gonna be like ‘You’re so offensive. My dad is working so hard. It’s just that the opportunities and the economy.'”

Mind you, she did that with a mocking voice. And she acted the point of view of the child of the “hard-working father who can’t give their children what they want,” fake crying.

Although the creator has turned her Tiktok account in private, users on Twitter had copies. This prompted them to call her out and voice out their sentiments regarding the content she has produced.

The backlash on Twitter

Twitter user, Raia (@rnjlatina), reiterated,

“Hello sa’yo, user @s3cret04 of Tiktok. You have all the rights and freedom to express your gratitude to your father. However, you have no right to degrade our fathers just because they can’t give us the luxury of life your father gives you. Masyado kang matapobre.”

“Matapobre” connotes belittling the underprivileged people, usually by a privileged person.


In another video, she seemingly mocked fans who cannot afford VIP tickets to their favorite artist’s concert. It is a POV about an imaginary person saying they went to the same concert.

Her response to that is that they are not the same (in sync with the sound used), she’s in VIP while the person is in General Admission.

This blew up, which initiated tons of comments against the idea that she is insinuating. Chi (@thevantehobi) even created a thread on why she needed to be called out.

The user wrote,

“This content is just too insensitive & discriminating. Kasi before pandemic, super daming fans na students na halos di na kumain sa school just to get a ticket for their favorite singer or group. Imagine the sacrifice they made just to show their love for their artist, diba?”

(This content is just too insensitive and discriminating. Before the pandemic, many fans, who are also students, almost skip their meals in school to buy a ticket for their favorite singer, artist, or group. Imagine the sacrifice they made just to show their love for their artist, right?)

The fan then explained how it is ok to be grateful to have parents who can afford such things. However, that doesn’t give them the right to degrade other people who are not as lucky.

“If you’re a fangirl with financially supportive parents, lucky you! But that does not give you the right to lowkey brag about it as not everyone has the same status as you. Gen ad man o VIP, pareho lang kayong fan an andon sa concert ng artist na pareho niyong gusto.”

(If you’re a fan girl with financially supportive parents, lucky you! But that does not give you the right to lowkey brag about it as not everyone has the same status. Either General Admission or VIP, you are both fans in the same concert of the artist you both like.)

Queennie Lopez’s Apology Video

Due to the backlash, Queennie released an “apology” on Tiktok this Tuesday, October 19, with her main account, regarding the matter. She addressed the video about fathers who cannot give their children luxury, and also the one about General Admission tickets.

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“I am aware that we’re all entitled to our own opinion and we may have our own interpretations. For the VIP concert video, I (did not mean to accent) the angle of money but the experience you could get as a fan.”

“For the father video, it was supposed to be for the people who shame privileged people because of their privilege. (But I realized that) my delivery and choice of words were bad. It could’ve been a lot better and well thought of.”

“(I was wrong). I was not pertaining to every dad and every person in general. I’m very much aware that hard work does not equate to wealth. Nevertheless, (the idea and the content of both videos are still wrong).”

The creator also informed her followers that she will take time off to reflect on her behavior.


Thank you for all of your concerns. I am deeply sorry. 😊

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A reminder about cancel culture

In light of all of this, I would also just like to remind everyone to not cross the line. Yes, Queennie has made some insensitive remarks and comments and she needs to learn from her mistakes.

However, that also doesn’t give you the right to continuously attack her. Instead, educate her on the matter. Nowadays, cancel culture has been prevalent and I don’t think that’s good. As a society, we shouldn’t cancel each other. Instead, moving forward, we should learn to educate one another.

Because the best way for all of us to be better, as human beings, is by creating a safe environment to learn from our mistakes with the help and understanding of one another. This is not to say that Queennie’s statements are correct or that I agree with her.

This is to remind you that she commits mistakes just like everyone. And the best way to make her know that, and others who have made the same, is through educating them, not by canceling them.

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