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Three XDINARY HEROES songs that will definitely rock your world!

Three XDINARY HEROES songs that will definitely rock your world!

The norm for Korean music artists is to undergo years of company training in order to become a K-Pop idol. However, Xdinary Heroes took it to a different level and debuted as a six-member K-Band under JYP Entertainment’s Studio J.

XDINARY HEROES, an extraordinary band

Xdinary, coming from the shortened word ‘extraordinary’ — as their message conveys, “anyone can become a hero.” The meaning itself behind their group name truly unveils their dark uniqueness among the sea of colorful idols. Intrigued about what makes Xdinary Heroes extraordinary from the rest?

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Check out these songs that will rock your world and show off the flavors they bring to the K-Pop sound!

Happy Death Day (2021)

Starting off, the band blasts their career with Happy Death Day, introducing an unusual sound of punk rock to the K-Pop community. Contrary to its title, this will tingle your insides alive as the opening of TraLaLaLa seizes your attention.

While birthdays are usually colorful, Xdinary Heroes defines their own meaning as the music video features a twisted clown party. Dealing with ‘repeated’ birthdays didn’t seem so “genuine” anymore. The lyrics deliver how annoyed they are by the boring celebration. When Xdinary Heroes screamed, “I’m so sick of the fakes! they were so real for this!

YouTube | Happy Death Day

Test Me (2022)

Following their debut success, their first-ever mini album, Hello, World! was released this year in July. The title track, Test Me showcases a fast-paced, electronic rock while maintaining the boys’ punk rock spirit. Its catchy trademark, “FREEDOM” is wild enough to make you sense the electrifying hype while head-banging to the beat!

“if you rig a rigged system, are you a villain or a hero?


Plotwise, their creative team is smart for opening the music video with a question, stimulating the mind of the viewer. This narrates a music competition behind an unfair system with a pre-selected winner. Honestly speaking, this isn’t far from the unfortunate reality of some K-Pop music awards.

But, there is a catch! The boys turn the tables and hack into an already rigged system to win the battle. It may leave you thinking whether they are a villain or a hero, as they accomplish something a villain does.

Pretty ironic for someone who has ‘Heroes’ in their name, isn’t it?

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Their overall concept of futuristic aesthetics and thrilling energy emphasizes a confident-looking band while neon lights surround their spotlight. There are so many bright things to look at, that watching it just once isn’t enough!

YouTube | Test Me

Sucker Punch (2022)

Out of the five Hello, World! tracks, their B-side Sucker Punch! holds a rebellious rock vibe that craves you more. Their leader Gun-il explains that they want to solidify their musicality as a rock band with various musical traits and colors. Truly, what these boys show from Sucker Punch is another extent of their strength.

Their stage presence even makes it better. From the fiery vocals to their overflowing charisma, it would suck bad if you miss out on this masterpiece!

YouTube | Sucker Punch LIVE CLIP

These songs are just appetizers for getting to know the freaky side of Xdinary Heroes. Not even a year into the K-Pop scene, yet, these free-spirited rockstars are already getting extraordinary! It seems that their boldness manifests a promising future ahead.

Did Happy Death Day and Hello, World!‘s tracklist leave an impact on your music palette? If yes, then what are you waiting for? You must definitely tune in to their latest, second mini album, Overload, as well!

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