Ace Banzuelo on his new song “Kulang”

“Walang magmo-move on!” This definitely sums up our feelings for the 22-year-old singer-songwriter Ace Banzuelo‘s latest single titled, Kulang. Presented by Sony Music Entertainment Philippines on Friday, November 18, the sentimental alt-pop anthem portrayed another shared experience of human heartbreak, also recognized as emotional suffering.

22-year-old Filipino solo singer-songwriter-music producer Ace Banzuelo

Ace Banzuelo on his new song Kulang

According to the young Filipino talent, this composition depicted a stage of life where a person realized they are mistreated, yet still desired to put things right. He continued to describe the song.

The story is inspired by a time in my life when I was questioning myself about where I went wrong, and where I lacked. Whatever I’d do, it was just the same thing all over again. You’re aware that you’re in this drama, and you keep coming back to it, but you just want it to stop.

Like any other song that Ace Banzuelo wrote, Kulang shows heartache, grief, and relationship breakup during their most exposed form. It is among the collection of songs that, whether through confession or observation, made it possible to connect with people.

I’m here to talk about things most people are afraid to let out. I’m not often sad, it’s just the mood of my music right now, and I think the beat and production style speak for themselves.

It is also no secret how the Sony Music artist always found his way to be one with the art. Whenever there is a chance, Ace does not forget to add a bit of a personal touch to his craft. Thus, the efforts made to conceptualize and master his production style for his listeners to love.

True to how he wanted his music, the ‘Kulang’ artist shared that he arranged the song’s entirety. It offered another shot of melancholic vibes, making everyone integrated with the sound. He also inserted a rap line midway through the track to give it a unique touch.

I kind of collaborated with that side of me. Being a hip-hop head myself, I’ve always wanted to experiment with performing songs in a certain way. I’m not a rapper yet, but this is a much-welcomed reprieve from the usual.

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A week after its release, Kulang already has over 40,000 plays on Spotify.

Meanwhile, its lyric video on YouTube now has more than 40,000 views. The netizens cannot help but fill the comment section with praises and admiration. The comments also said:

Wow. My friend introduce me to your songs and it amazes me. The choice of the lyrics and the tune. Ace really makes his song with soul and passion. I love all of your songs Ace. Keep up making great music.

Another song added to my fave playlist. You never disappoint us. Love it.

The stellar performance of Ace Banzuelo in his Muli composition made a significant mark on him as a Filipino singer, songwriter, and producer. Two years after he embarked on a successful musical journey, Ace is back again with a masterpiece deserving of the spotlight. In this release, he incorporated a stronger sense of vulnerability using “trap, R&B, and bedroom pop influences.”

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen to ‘Kulang,’ an Ace Banzuelo original.

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