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The Health Benefits of Glutathione

The Health Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell in the body, produced by the liver and nerve cells in the central nervous system. It is comprised largely of three amino acids, which are glutamine, glycine, and cysteine, also known as GSH.

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Glutathione plays several roles in the body. It is essential for the immune system’s proper functioning. It also eliminates poisons such as drugs and pollutants from our bodies. Aside from that, it is involved as well in building and repairing tissue and acts as an important antioxidant, which helps protect your body from damage to cells caused by free radicals, the unstable molecules that form in response to factors like your diet and the environment.

Glutathione, as an antioxidant, is critical as it helps keep things in a healthy balance. But do you know that there are other health benefits glutathione can offer?

Reduces cell damage in liver disease

Glutathione has been shown to improve protein, enzyme, and bilirubin levels in the blood of individuals with alcoholic and nonalcoholic chronic fatty liver disease. A study reported that glutathione was most effective when given to people with fatty liver disease intravenously in high doses.

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Improves insulin sensitivity

Studies have shown that dietary supplementation can improve glutathione production, reduce oxidative stress, and improve insulin sensitivity. When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or when it can’t use the insulin it produces, diabetes occurs. Elevated levels of sugar in the blood can cause oxidative stress as well as insulin deficiency or resistance. And that plays an important role in the progression of diabetes.

Fights inflammation

It is also great at fighting chronic inflammation. Glutathione (GSH) controls when inflammation increases or decreases as needed, by instructing and influencing your immune white cells. Rebalancing glutathione levels reduces chronic inflammation and restores immune function.

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According to limited research, increasing the body’s glutathione through diet or supplements can help with certain health conditions.

NOTE: Before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs, consult a physician for a thorough evaluation. 

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