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Stop doing these things to prevent hair damage

Stop doing these things to prevent hair damage

One of the biggest factors in having a great hairstyle is by making sure that you have healthy hair. Having healthy hair without hair damage is softer and easier to work with and styles really well. Any hairstyle will stand out if you have healthy hair.

So, to make sure that you maintain your hair game looking pretty sharp and healthy all the time, try to avoid the things that surprisingly damage your hair.


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Although sometimes, it is okay to use high heat especially if your hair is super damp and wet, high heat will definitely make it dry faster but you have to make sure that you’re moving the hair dryer and not just focusing on one single area.

If you’re looking to specifically blow-dry just one area of your hair, try to use cold settings in your blow-dryer as it is safer for your follicles.

This one should come with no surprise. Using a blow-dryer on high heat can definitely cause some damage and dryness to your hair. Too much heat will cause your hair follicles to break and damage your hair in the long run.


Now this one, I know it’s a bit surprising. But yes, using a towel and aggressively scrunching it to your hair can cause damage and breakage in your hair follicles.

The coarse texture and dryness of cotton, which is the material used in most towels, can cause your hair to become rough, thereby worsening your split ends and causing small tears along your hair. Constant friction will also cause breakage in your hair follicles and can sometimes cause traction alopecia.

If you’re wondering what to use to dry your hair instead of a towel, you can use a soft T-shirt. T-shirts are a lighter material compared to towels and will not only absorb excess water. It can also reduce frizz. Just make sure that you dry your hair using a T-shirt gently and not aggressively to prevent any unnecessary friction.


Constant usage of shampoo will cause your hair to lose its natural oil. By shampooing your hair as little as possible, your hair will be able to retain its natural oil and keep your scalp and hair moisturized and healthy all the time.

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Shampooing your hair often can also make your hair follicles to be brittle. A safe bet is to use shampoo twice or thrice a week. You can just wash your hair without shampoo and it will be clean and moisturized.


This one comes as another surprise. Not having a haircut often can definitely cause damage to your hair. When you start to grow your hair, you are prone to develop split ends. Dry ends can cause breakage in your hair follicles.

This is evident in women as they can go without a haircut for months. But if you’re a guy that’s looking to grow your hair out, you’re going to experience split ends as well if you don’t get a haircut every now and then.

Haircuts don’t mean you have to change your hairstyle drastically. You can just get your ends trimmed to keep the ends of your hair healthy throughout.

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