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Skincare for men, simplified.

Skincare for men, simplified.

I don’t know about you, but It is pretty evident that no one was speaking directly to us men regarding skincare. In today’s society, Men taking care of themselves seems so taboo, and that stops now. Men’s skincare should be straightforward. There is no need for nine-step peels or multiple layers of creams.

Invest in high-quality skincare, and your face will thank you (and your girlfriend will probably steal your products too! Made only with the best. No magic, just science-backed ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe & effective. No more confusing component google searches. Simple, safe & effective—that’s what Tikas is all about!

Tikas Facial Cleanser

The power to hydrate and protect your skin. Now in a tub⁠!

Your skin only deserves the best ingredients. Now, what does Tikas Facial Cleanser do for your skin? The Tikas Facial Cleanser removes dirt from pollution, removes dead skin cells, and lastly, prevents breakouts

Tikas Toner

Have you heard toners can be applied to the skin without generally scouring the skin with cotton pads? Our #1 skincare devotees typically add some toner onto their palms and tap it all over, Work on the interaction, and splash the toner onto the face straightforwardly! Less waste and bother-free.⁠

Tikas Facial Serum

It Contains 10% Niacinamide, Zinc, Ferulic Acid & a Vitamin C Derivative. In addition, a potent but lightweight serum formula expertly designed to deliver fast-absorbing active ingredients that help improve your skin’s overall texture—giving you that “glowing” look! Say goodbye to dull skin & blemishes.

Tikas Moisturizer

Dry skin? Rough skin texture? Excess oil? Dark spots?

The #TikasMen don’t want any of that; say goodbye to these skin problems with the help of our Moisturizer with SPF 30, Designed to cleanse, deeply moisturize and hydrate your skin while protecting you from harmful UV rays!

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Tikas Unorthodox Pomade

Imagine a pomade that has everything you want.⁠ A Matte that reveals a natural look⁠, Heavy hold⁠. Also, activated charcoal helps with dandruff.⁠ It’s easy to wash off⁠, with a Mild scent⁠, is water-based⁠ , and finally, no sticky residue ⁠

That’s why Tikas is here for you.

Want a simple, straightforward skincare routine that will take only 3 minutes? Go visit their Instagram account to learn more about their products by clicking here! To order their skincare products click here!
⁠Let’s raise the bar and embody what it means to be #TheMan. ⁠

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