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The benefits of ginger tea and why you should drink it

The benefits of ginger tea and why you should drink it

Traditionally, ginger was only used to be a spice utilized in Asian cuisine. I could admit that I didn’t know that ginger tea actually existed. Our elders drank a lot of it and when the pandemic hit the country, it was the only time that I, along with other individuals, became aware of its existence. Health experts stated that ginger tea carries a lot of benefits, aside from singers using it to take care of their voices. It also includes preventing one from getting severe illnesses. Even before COVID-19, this drink had served as an alternative to medicine. Ginger can be eaten raw, in candy form, in dishes, and now, as tea.

The benefits of ginger tea

Assist Immune System

When the pandemic took over the country, people thought of making their immune systems stronger. Ginger and ginger tea started to become in-demand. It also became a habit to drunk ginger tea in the morning, in the afternoon, and even before bed. According to Healthline, “inhaling the steam from ginger tea may also help relieve nasal congestion and other respiratory issues from the common cold or environmental allergies.”

Motion Sickness Relief

When someone experiences dizziness, vomiting, and cold sweat while riding a vehicle, drinking this organic tea could help. A study of the researchers from National Library Medicine found a related reason why. According to the said study, “ginger ameliorates nausea associated with motion sickness by preventing the development of gastric dysrhythmias and the elevation of plasma vasopressin.”

However, studies still have a conflict on discovering how it helps with one’s motion sickness. Since a lot of individuals talk about its effectiveness and no negative side effects, experts concluded that ginger tea is safe to try.

Nausea Relief

According to Cathy Wong’s Very Well Fit website, she claimed that ginger helps “to treat and prevent nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy and pregnancy” and vomiting from surgery. However, she pointed out that women vomiting from pregnancy should first consult a doctor before concluding that everything will go away with a simple ginger tea. Women bearing a child may experience some side effects compared to those nonpregnant takers. It may lead to some complications without proper knowledge of food and drink intake. Even for those who got surgery and are currently on chemotherapy. Consulting a doctor before drinking the tea must be considered.

Prevent Hypertension and Chronic Diseases

Wang, Y. et al (2017) highlighted in their study the ginger potential to prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks.  They also added that as the ginger intake increases the chances of having illnesses decrease.

“We provided a preliminary suggestion that daily intake of 2 to 4 g/d of ginger might prevent chronic diseases.”

Verywell Health

Pain Relief

I am one of those girls who have a hard time during our monthly visits. And, according to many studies, ginger tea can help with dysmenorrhea. I remember my mother making organic turmeric ginger tea for me and my sisters when feeling pain during our periods. I can actually guarantee that this helps. It reduces the pain that I experience. Although I still feel cramps, it has somehow become manageable. Studies also concluded that this tea helps muscle pain due to physical work. In addition, it lessens headaches and treats inflammation. According to Cathy Wong’s website, ginger tea helps relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis but still needs further studies.

And, for those who are looking for benefits regarding appearances, here are some of the things that it can do for you:

Weight Control

Medical News Today announced on their website that ginger’s zingerone and shogaols compound can burn and store fat that can help one lose weight. Drinking it may prevent one from feeling hungry or help lose appetite. According to a 2018 review, ginger tea’s effectiveness on weight management and with obesity. To conclude, ginger tea intake can help anything related to weight loss.


Another benefit from the website of Cathy Wong is that ginger tea helps the aging process for certain people. Its antioxidants also help preserve your skin’s collagen to avoid wrinkles and fine lines. Yet more effective when rubbed on the skin directly. But of course, this applies only to fresh sliced raw ginger root, not the tea.

Nutrition Action

Drinking ginger tea reduces stress and inflammation, the more chance of having a slow aging process. Meanwhile, just like other researchers’ suggestions, more studies must be conducted in order to give the organic tea drinkers a more clear explanation of how ginger relates to these results.

Overall, drinking this tea offers you health benefits just like other branded drugs for health issues. There are only a few and limited explanations of how. However, some health professionals consider it safe to drink since a lot of people claimed the effectiveness for these said health conditions. Unless you have a critical and risky health problem, drinking the tea can be advised. You can also try to add something to your ginger tea to make it more pleasant to drink such as lemon or honey.

Ginger tea with honey and lemon

Taking care of your health especially nowadays is important. Ginger tea may not be the medicine for most of your health issues. But one thing is for sure, this organic tea helps some of the symptoms be more bearable.

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