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Take a trip to Japan via these flavorful onigiris

Take a trip to Japan via these flavorful onigiris

Travelling is among the top activities we surely miss right now that we’re dealing with restrictions caused by a pandemic. We are left with no choice but to follow safety protocols and stay at home in the meantime. Good thing, there are people out there who feels the same way and want to uplift spirits other than themselves! Sammi.eats sells Japanese-inspired Onigiris on Instagram mainly because she misses the country and its culture.

Escaping to Japan in a bite

According to owner Pauline Bunag, it reminds her of the good times she used to spend with family, “Every year me and my family travel to Japan. Before we start our day trip, we find ourselves stopping by at convenience stores such as 7/11, Lawson, or Family Mart to get a snack we can munch on while we’re on our way to our destination. Due to the coronavirus, all travel plans were postponed. I love Japan, I’m in love with their culture and especially their food! I chose to start a business by selling onigiris because I miss the acr and if I can’t bring myself there, why don’t I bring their flavors here at home in Metro Manila wherein I can share it with everybody who feels the same?”
Moreover, this small business not just paved the pay for extra income but it has also taught her the value of hard work. Building up a small business is not that easy as one needs to keep track of everything and be detail-oriented.
“Having a food product business pushed me to work harder, accept positive and negative feedback from clients, and to believe in myself and to be confident with the business I’m building.”

Variety of flavors

Onigiris from Sammi.eats offer a variety of flavors that fit anyone’s tastebuds! They have Salmon, Spicy, Creamcheese, Kimchi, and Bulgogi ones that are all equally delicious and similar to that of Japan’s and with a twist!
Also, she prepares them by herself, so kudos!
“My onigiris takes you back to japan! I don’t only focus on Japanese inspired onigiris but also I make Korean inspired onigiris like kimchi bulgogi onigiri that gives a sweet and spicy taste. In the food preparation process. I always make sure that the rice is soft and properly mixed with sesame oil and Japanese rice vinegar, the filling mix should be tasty and not dry even if it’s placed in the refrigerator for hours and also I give a generous amount on the filling and wrap it up in a crunchy Japanese nori sheet.”
The mission is simple: to be able to serve good quality and tasty onigiris that give customers the flavors of different countries.
Onigiris are priced at P80-85 per piece, depending on the variant. They also come in boxes of 3s, 6s, and 9s for sharing!
Take note of this! Sammi.eats’ delivery dates are every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday so make sure to DM in your orders to have a taste.
Located in Quezon City, this online Onigiri store is such a gem! Itadakimasu!
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