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Keep your valuables in one place with these cute reusable zip pouches!

Keep your valuables in one place with these cute reusable zip pouches!

If you love keeping things organized and neat, well, we’ve discovered your next must-have! Be it in the kitchen, inside the fridge, or in your bags, these reusable zip pouches from StoreIt PH will take good care of your belongings.
Store It just like many other small businesses today started during the quarantine period. It was in this time that they saw how the importance of having safe storage for stuff especially as we face the unseen COVID-19 that are reported to stay on things and surfaces.
Aside from that, the rise in the use of disposables continues to grow even though they cost more waste and are damaging and harmful to the environment.
“Even though our business started during a pandemic and was created to solve a problem caused by COVID-19, we also have a long-term vision for this brand.
Aside from providing storage solution, we also saw this functional tool as a way to encourage people to lessen their carbon footprint by ditching single-use plastic and switching to using this reusable zip pouch whether it’s for grocery shopping, a snack bag, or as organizer storage.”

Store It Pouches: A sustainable choice


Just as more and more people are opting to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, StoreIt PH provides another opportunity for them to maintain it.
“Store It bags are very functional. You can use it for storing, cooking, and freezing. The possibilities are endless and it provides so much convenience to its users. Our bags are made of 100% platinum silicone, no fillers! It’s also food grade, toxic-free, and BPA free which means it is safe to use for food storage.”
Store It bags are multi-purpose, one can use the bags when grocery shopping, at the same time they can store it in the freezer, defrost it, and cook it, all inside that one bag. Their pouches are freezer-safe and heat-resistant up to 230 C. Its airtight feature also promises to keep your food and snacks fresh! Now, isn’t that the coolest and most efficient bag ever?
“If you’re not a kitchen person. You can also use it for storing other essentials. Some of our customers use it as their care kit or makeup bag. Some even use it to store important items that they don’t want to get wet such as passport, passbook, money, and gadgets since our bags are both leakproof and waterproof.”

Convenient and easy

By keeping things decluttered and organized, their customers can now save time and energy. It’s true what they say that it gets more convenient and it’s easier to move around when things are neat.
“Aside from our bags being a functional tool, it’s also very durable and one bag can last a person a lifetime with proper care and use since it is made of 100% platinum silicone. We can say it really is a good investment, especially because there is no limit to how many times you can reuse it. You’re not only making things convenient for yourself but you’re also doing mother earth a favor.”
Store It pouches promises to give convenience and provide an eco-friendly storage solution. Since their conceptualizations, they are eager to passionately solve not just during the pandemic but even after we surpass it.
It’s all about thinking long term! Caring for Mother Earth has never been this good and cute, right?
Store It pouches come in three colors – Crystal, Splash, Zest, and three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large to cater to anyone’s preferences and use. They can be sold individually or via set!
All are available for orders via their Instagram account and on Lazada! Grab yours now as it definitely is a good investment!
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