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Take a break and listen to these Spotify podcasts

Take a break and listen to these Spotify podcasts

Listening to our favorite tunes is always an entertaining pastime. However, even our favorite songs can sometimes bore us, too. Sometimes the notes and lyrics are also not enough to speak to us. So, to fulfill that gap and give our ears a break from our recurring playlist, why not try listening to podcasts?

Podcasts are a growing digital audio content form where an individual or individuals talk about various topics, happenings, or stories. There is a wide variety of podcasts platform. But, for now, we will dive into different Spotify podcasts and why they are worth listening to.

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, or AWKP, is hosted by filmmakers and real-life friends Direk Antoinette Jadaone and Direk JP Habac. In AWKP, Direk Tonet and Direk JP share their hilarious takes on love, pop culture, life experiences, trending topics, and more. My favorite segment of AWKP is when they read listener-sent letters about love. All the realizations (and the burns) that I learn and got from those episodes are incomparable! So, if you want to laugh out loud, learn, and have some company while doing your chores, give Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast a listen. As opposed to its name, this podcast does make sense!


Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast

Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast started from a book, was later turned into a Youtube video series, and has now become the sisterly podcast we enjoy. Hosted by Bianca Gonzalez, this podcast is meant to give pieces of advice to listeners who are just figuring out life. What I love the most with this podcast is its #TrustTheProcess series. In that series, various successful individuals share their growth and journey to getting where they are in life today. So, if you are at the crossroads of life, give this podcast a listen and let it help you answer your how should I questions.


Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast

Sometimes the live, laugh, love energy is not enough, and we badly need to lash out at the BS that the Pinoy life gives us. Typical Pinoy Crap, or TPC, is a podcast that calls out, well, Pinoy craps in a humourous and direct manner. Hosted by Edilbert Estanislao, this podcast will have you realize some shitty Pinoy traits and offer you hot takes on life. TPC is enjoyable, for the host does not hold back on his thoughts. He gives no minced opinions, no sugarcoated words, and just gives straight facts that we desperately need to hear. So, if you want to get real-talked, tuning in to the Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast will surely give you that burn.


The Esnyr Podclass

Times wherein we are just too reminiscent of our early school life sometimes come. And, there is no better way to remember it than by chatting about it. In The Esnyr Podclass, listeners will have a trip back to memory lane as Esnyr Ranollo talks about core high school memories we could relate to. My favorite bit of this show is when Esynr reenacts the pieces of memory he was discussing using made-up characters. So, feeling emo about your high school life? Attend your classes here at Esnyr Podclass!

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Paano Kung…

Paano Kung… podcast will join you in exploring the infinite possibilities in life. Hosted by radio DJ and content creator Joelle, this show digs deep into your paano kung questions and explains what you should do in the following scenarios. What I enjoy most in this show is Joelle first shares her experience related to the paano kung question. This then assures listeners that her advice and reflection are coming from a place of shared experience. With this, give Paano Kung… podcast a listen, and who knows, maybe all you need to figure out life is see all its possibilities.


Podcasts, truly, are an excellent and informative form of entertainment. And if these following shows do not appeal to you that much, do not worry, for there are more Spotify podcasts that will definitely tickle your fancy.

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