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Start your home improvement projects now with these affordable aesthetic decors

Start your home improvement projects now with these affordable aesthetic decors


If you are looking for the perfect time to spice up your room or even whole house with better aesthetics, this article is the sign you’re waiting for. With the lockdown still imposed among us, it’s just right that we develop new hobbies and skills to distract ourselves from the threat of the pandemic, keep us sane, and get rid of boredom at home.

Redecorating is found to be highly therapeutical! It can save you from a breakdown, believe us. Because our home reflects the kind of people we really are, we figured you might need some help in searching for the best yet affordable items to fill your empty spaces with.

Whether you want to turn it to something cute “for the gram” or you want to establish a certain vibe within the four walls of your room, here are online stores you can bookmark when you want to start your home improvement project:


They sell abstract art and adorable clay pots in varying designs and sizes to cater your preferences. We are personally into their illustrations which definitely gives an “extra” feel!


Looking for accent pieces that speaks you? Say no more! This shop has a wide variety of items for you, from throw pillow cases in artsy prints ornamental trays in geometric and metal styles!


Vibing with the rustic theme? Shop for antique-looking items here and you will surely get your money’s worth. They have old-fashioned bottles which you can use to put in your plants and ornaments and they’re just too cute to not have!


We are suckers for sustainable pieces! You don’t just spruce up your indoors, you get to help save Mother Earth too! Their items were recycled from old appliances such as mini fridges and transform them to artsy and functional things! What can you ask for, right?


Macramé are so in season nowadays and it really lives up to the hype as it gives a more homey feel inside. This artist makes delicate pieces for decorative purposes so you won’t have to worry about your walls being plain and dull anymore!


Yes, you do the cooking, but make it fashion! The kitchen shouldn’t be left out as well as this shop offers affordable and beautifully patterned bowls and saucers to put a smile in your mom’s faces!


Are you a Minimalist? This store is perfect for you then! They have items that sport Scandinavian interior design and under reasonable prices! You will not regret splurging!

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