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Song Kang Meets His Fans in Manila with the Help of Deoproce

Song Kang Meets His Fans in Manila with the Help of Deoproce

Korean star Song Kang goes Manila-bound with a special fan meet for his supporters in the country.  The Nevertheless and Sweet Home actor sets a fan meet with the help of Deoproce, one of the leading skin-care company in the country.  

The Korean star arrived around noon of March 4. He shared that when he arrived, the first thing he did was see the streets of Manila. Another early exploration was Jollibee and other Filipino home-style cookings. He numerated a few, with a gleeful tone: “Halo-halo! Kare-kare! Bulalo! Garlic Rice! Dried Mangoes!”

He also shared that he thinks the streets in Manila are beautiful and the weather is pretty. Outside Manila, he would love to go to Boracay someday just to eat seafoods and have a healing experience outside of the city.

Song Kang shares that he’s mostly excited about the communication with his fans here in Manila. He detailed that communicating with his fans improves and develops him as a person. It generally makes him curious as to what kind of communication will take place in the fan meet.

In a press conference held in Marco Polo Hotel in March 5th, Song Kang had the chance to answer queries from fans and media. He also talked about his fondness of the Philippines and what’s he’s up to these days. The press conference was hosted and mediated by Sam Oh, who also translated for Song Kang.

All About Song Kang

At 28-years-old, the Korean heartthrob already has a variety of attachments in his career. He debuted in the 2017 romantic comedy TV show The Liar and His Lover Song. What follows after is a streak of big series. Thanks to Netflix, he has already starred in notable series such as Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Nevertheless, and Forecasting Love and Weather.

When asked how he feels to be dubbed as “The Son of Netflix” due to the chain of projects, Song Kang had a simple answer: “I think it’s fascinating. I feel grateful, they feel like family because they have been with me since the beginning of my career… I’m always enjoying work with people very familiar to me. I’m grateful for this platform.”

Regarding about the favorite character he portrayed, Song Kang answers Cha Hyun-Su from Sweet Home. He shares that he has been pouring all his time and energy right now in shooting the new seasons. He has formed a special connection and appreciation towards the character, and it is the closest to him among any others that he portrayed.

In preparing for roles, Song Kang also shared a few routines that he practices. He likes to study the actions of the other actors and how he would react to such. He would try to record the lines of the other actors and listen back to it himself. “Interaction is very important,” he shares. He’s really into a very detailed way of working—which explains his fondness for taking notes.

Aside from his acting routines, a fan also asked about his skin-care routine. The Korean heartthrob shared that he cleanses first thing in the morning. He applies toner, moisturizer and suncream.

“Skin care is very important but cleansing is also very important. I make sure that I put a lot of attention and detail into my cleansing routine.” He states.

When asked about a thing that people would be surprised to know about him, the actor had a long pause to think for an interesting answer. He provided two. One, he always carries a lip balm with him because his lips are always dry and his lips are big (according to him). Two, he always has a doll in his bag, and everytime he would feel nervous, he would touch this doll and it would comfort him.

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What’s Ahead For Song Kang

The fans were giddy to ask the Sweet Home star what to expect for the upcoming new season of the series. Well, spoiler ahead, Song Kang shares that Sweet Home Season 2 has gone to a much bigger scale! If the first season was the story of how these different people grew and matured, then Season 2 and 3 would be about exploring and digging more about their stories. The star was excited about it, sharing an ecstatic ‘Yeah!’ in his statement.

In a quirky question, a fan also asked if he has plans becoming an idol, knowing that his Hype Boy cover was trending for a while. The actor quickly dismissed this by saying a firm but funny “No I don’t.” He would’ve love to but he just realized that it is not in his capabilities or within his wheelhouse—and he realized this while dancing to that Hype Boy cover.

Song Kang’s Fan Meet via Deoproce

Song Kang’s Fun Meet in Manila will be held in Araneta Coliseum in March 5, 6PM. Fans can purchase Deoproce products in order to get a ticket to the event. Acquire a VIP ticket with P8,000 worth of Deoproce goods or get a Patron seat with a single receipt equivalent to P5,000. For P3,000 worth of goods, you will get a Lower Box ticket or buy P1,500 worth of products for an Upper Box seat.

Deoproce is a skin-care brand from South Korea that brings break-through ingredients derived from nature. The brand is designed to be simple yet high-functioning, rescuing users from skin-care concerns. The company specializes in making products that use natural ingredients like plant extracts, snail spider-web essence and pig collagen. Deoproce stands for Development (DEO), Professional (PRO), Cosmetic (C), Energy (E).

The Deoproce Philippines Team is lauded for its break-through in two things: skin-care innovation, in championing green-caviar and its stereotype-smashing choice for a male skin-care endorser, in the face of Song Kang.  At present, Deoproce Philippines has also been recognized as the number one brand for facial skin-care in Watsons. They are also the number one distributor of Deoproce globally.

When asked what’s his message to his Filipino fans, Song Kang gave a heart-warming answer: “I feel like I’ve been receiving so much love, but I have not been able to give back just because of the situation lately. I have not been able to come and see the Filipino fans. To finally be able to be here and do that, I feel very happy and a little nervous. All of this is all because of Deoproce. So, thank you very much for making this possible.”

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