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‘Short hair, don’t care’: Miss Universe contestants showing off their short hair

‘Short hair, don’t care’: Miss Universe contestants showing off their short hair

Who says short-haired queens can’t rock the Miss Universe stage?

Miss Universe 2021 is getting nearer and nearer. For sure, pageantry fans are now thrilled to witness the glamorous girls. Moreover, a million eyes catch sight of every inch of the contestants, from top to bottom.

Speaking of the top, hair seems to be a big deal in pageantry. Oftentimes, we see girls parading their long and sleek hair.

However, this typical hairstyle is not only the option. Sometimes, it requires a bit of creativity and boldness to stand out. Perhaps consider the mantra, ‘short hair, don’t care!

To wrap it up, here are some of the contestants who served some spices on the Miss Universe stage.

Akiko Kojima

As early as 1959, a short-haired girl already marked the Miss Universe stage. It’s no other than the 22-year old girl from Japan, Akiko Kojima.

Considered as one of the OG queens of short hair, she captivated everyone’s eyes in Long Beach, California. Eventually, she’s a history-maker as the first-ever Asian won the Miss Universe title, bagging the Star of the Universe Crown.

Brook Lee

In 1997, Brook Lee flaunted the Miss Universe stage her short hair that complimented her stunning look.

With her remarkable humorous answer during the question and answer portion, the Hawaiian beauty queen outshined the other 73 delegates in Miami Beach, Florida.

Dominique Rinderknecht

The pageant enthusiasts for sure did not miss to snap the allure of Miss Universe Switzerland 2013 Dominique Rinderknecht.

Her short blonde hair, with the touch of a confident demeanor, made her stand out. Moreover, she easily reached the 16 semifinalist spots out of 86 contestants in Moscow, Russia.

Kaci Fennell

This list would not be completed without the Jamaican beauty queen, Kaci Fennell. Apparently, she’s one of the top favorites to win the Miss Universe 2014 title. Ended up placing 4th runner-up, millions of people witnessed her enthralling appearance.

Some fans even compare her beauty to the Hollywood actress Halle Berry. Nonetheless, her beauty is unique and magnifying, definitely one of a kind.

Roxette Qiu

Meanwhile, Miss Universe China 2017 Roxette Qui commanded the stage with her classy look. With her effortless beauty and poise, she stepped in as one of the semifinalists.

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As a professional model, her short hair even made her look edgier. Undeniably, she’s one of the best queens from China.

H’Hen Niê

Aside from our very own Catriona Gray, if there would be a girl to beat during the Miss Universe 2018 — undoubtedly, it’s no other than Vietnam’s H’Hen Niê. Her short hair screamed perfection, highlighting her natural beauty.

Additionally, she may not win the title, but her name marked the pageantry scene timelessly. From her sophisticated catwalk to her fierce expression, she absolutely nailed everything. More than anything, her down-to-earth character makes her an epitome of a queen.

Zozibini Tunzi

Finally, the woman of conviction and elegance, the Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi. In fact, the longest-reigning MU queen is a game-changer, making history as the first Miss Universe with afro-textured hair.

Furthermore, her hair gives a powerful statement, inspiring people to confidently embrace their natural look. As everyone seized her dominating walk, wearing the dynamic and gleamed “S*unrise“* couture, it was indeed an eye-catching moment.

As we are about to witness the most beautiful day in the universe this upcoming December 12, 2021, it would also be a jaw-dropping moment to spot the girls sizzled with their short hair!

How about you? Who’s your favorite short-haired beauty queen?

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