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SethDrea on love, loss, ‘Saying Goodbye’, and what you shouldn’t miss

SethDrea on love, loss, ‘Saying Goodbye’, and what you shouldn’t miss

Following the success of Huwag kang Mangamba, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin are back with another story that will surely make us kilig!

SethDrea took the internet by storm as their first web series, Saying Goodbye, ruled Asian streaming giant iQiYi!

This series marks the debut of iQiYi and ABS-CBN’s multi-content partnership, and honestly, it looks very promising. No wonder their premiere, no less than their series’ trailer, was trending.

The Hello

SethDrea on love, loss, 'Saying Goodbye', and what you shouldn't miss
The meet-cute. Saying Goodbye trailer still from YouTube.

Saying Goodbye revolves around the story of rivals-turned-besties-turned-lovers (maybe) Elise, (played by Andrea) and Ricky (portrayed by Seth).

I know. Their story started like any other Young-Adult (YA) film produced before it. But hear me out. They were fighting over the last limited edition Yeng Constantino CD! ‘What does that mean?’ you might ask. It means that we, yes, even us who’s well over our 20s or 30s, will relate!

The story was set around 2007. An era where OPM (Original Pinoy Music) wildly raved, and CDs were the bomb!

MTV Philippines (Music Television) was the hit and that meant great music, both local and international. And Saying Goodbye brings us back to that era of passion for local music and singing our hearts out.

I think by that nostalgia alone, Saying Goodbye deserves a spot in our binge-watching habits.

The In Betweens

Falling unexpectedly in love. Saying Goodbye trailer still from YouTube.

SethDrea showed us that Elise and Ricky’s story is made of more than just romance.

Elise and Ricky went from fighting over the last Yeng Constantino CD album to building a beautiful friendship solidified by a common goal of establishing Yengster’s Pampanga Chapter. From supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations, they’ve learned to fight alongside the other in whatever battle they may face.

SethDrea gave justice to the testament that love grows best where friendship is planted.

Saying Goodbye

SethDrea on love, loss, 'Saying Goodbye', and what you shouldn't miss
Painful tears shed. Saying Goodbye trailer still from YouTube.

But of course, more than just the beauty of friendship and the dreamy scenery of Pampanga (a much-needed visual break from the sights of the city!), it offers us melancholy, as well.

See Also

A bunch of struggles that are honestly all too familiar is their in-betweens.

Outgrowing passions. Pursuing a different career path. Losing a loved one. Taking relationships to a mature level. And most especially, facing the harsh reality of life.

All of these make for a good coming-of-age story. A comfort, that I guess, can help us be a little bit more accepting and forgiving, both of ourselves and of others.

Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, despite having worked on only a few projects together, were already able to build rapport. SethDrea’s charming pair was able to show chemistry that comes off naturally, and as they top-bill Saying Goodbye, we can’t wait to see more of it.

If you are among those who vouch for SethDrea, you can show your support and vote for them as the Loveteam of the Year on the upcoming VP Choice Awards 2021!

Saying Goodbye is free and exclusively available on the iQiYi app and Watch the trailer here:

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