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Screaming With Strangers: Sports Bringing Everyone Together

Screaming With Strangers: Sports Bringing Everyone Together

You might ask, “How can watching a sport bring everyone together?” It’s too loud, there’s too much shouting, and people disagree about the play. While not totally impossible, making friends in a sports event is difficult, especially if you’re focused more on the game. If you didn’t come with anyone you know, you’re all just strangers screaming with one another. But that’s the point! Screaming with strangers can bring them together more easily than you think.

Collective screaming, collective happiness

Basketball, boxing, and volleyball in the Philippines are quite a crowd favorites. Even in the sports events of schools, there’s always that one match that almost everyone stays around for. It’s exciting to sit and stand with hundreds of other students. You’re shouting that cheer that a group made up from the other side of the court. You’re not even friends or in the same grade level yet you’ve already memorized the cheer and the short-hand choreography. 

The exhilaration and intensity will have you jumping up and down with those around you. It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. The energy is just too infectious. When one screams, you’re all screaming. When one says a joke out loud, those of you who heard it are laughing. 

Your team winning can bring the roof down. There’s collective happiness that spreads among you and it’s definitely an experience to be had. 

Screaming in mutual appreciation

In larger venues, the experience is even more surreal. There are international tournaments that the Philippines hosts like the Volleyball Nations League. They get louder and louder as more people watch. And they don’t mind! The cheers are part of the whole experience and it’s why watching sports can be so fun.

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For example, the men’s national volleyball team of Japan has seemingly brought in the most cheers. Whenever Yuji Nishida spikes or Yuki Ishikawa serves, people are already screaming from left to right. We are strangers to everyone, even to the players down at the court. Yet, there is a mutual appreciation for one another. 

Sports bring everyone together

Watching sports in person or through a screen with other people may not seem like such an exciting image. There are opposing teams which means even the audience will be divided. Even if that is the case, sports are actually meant to bring people together at the end of the day. You play with and against other people, you have a good time. The same goes for the people watching.

If you come to any sports event with family or friends, make sure to let out your loudest cheers in support of your team. If you come alone, don’t be afraid to scream with strangers. You all came for the same reasons and one of them is to have fun.

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