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Sports-themed anime to watch after the Olympics season

Sports-themed anime to watch after the Olympics season

Heads up, anime lovers! Since Korean dramas about sports have been recommended due to the Olympic Season. Let’s recommend some sports anime, too. Even before, animations have hit us so hard. A moving drawing can move humans, too. With its messages and interesting plots, you will surely enjoy every single part.

I used to wake up early in the morning to open the TV and watch my favorite cartoons. Aside from morning kids’ shows, anime back then really became our daily routine, even blinking is a waste of time. Especially for those who are really into anime, you will definitely like these.

Sports-themed anime to watch after the Olympics season


Haikyuu a sports anime

This anime revolves around the story of how a boy dreamed of being the best player in volleyball. Despite his height and failure in his past games, his true potential was revealed. After watching a match of Karasuno, Hinata was inspired and grew a love for that sport. Hinata Shoyo aims to play and become the next ‘little giant’ in the field of volleyball. His teammates also have weaknesses which eventually became their strengths.

You will witness how the team fails many times, and attempt to try again. Just like in the real world of sports, one loses one win. But it is not always about losing. It also shows how the team works harder to reach a bigger venue to play. And represent their name as a team and fight in a National competition. You will also love all the members of this Karasuno team. With great teamwork, winning is possible.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Tetsuya Kuroko a sports anime

Next, a sports anime about basketball. The first thing I wanted to warn the future viewers is.. all the characters here are attractive. Weird. But, yes, you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach about these boys. This anime revolves around a basketball team, aiming to play in Interhigh Championship. Tetsuya Kuroko, a boy with no much skill in basketball but led the team to win. His amazing passing skills and team play are what he got.

Meanwhile, this anime has few unusual scenes for it offers superpowers. Basketball players with different power according to their skills. However, it does not bring any boredom to this series yet added more flavor. You will see how Generation Miracles can do to a court. Watch it and witness what miracle happens to the basketball court with these players.

Slam Dunk

MMO Culture

Old but gold sports anime. Before I love Tetsuya, Hanamichi Sakuragi won my heart first. A hot-tempered funny guy but a different man when playing inside the court. Despite his immaturity, he proves to everyone that he deserves to be holding a basketball. And leads the team into the championship.

It also tackles Sakuragi’s ugly fate in love. Then, he decided to join Shohoku High School Basketball Team to attract Haruko Akagi. But, unfortunately, Haruko already has someone in his heart who is also a basketball player. On the other hand, despite Sakuragi’s sad love story, his journey in his sports had a happy ending. His team made Shohoku one of the best high school teams in Japan. To know-how or to feel the excitement and intense scenes again, watch it now. And, get ready to be amazed at how athletes’ life roll.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club


Then, let’s proceed with swimming. Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club, a sports anime with a great sequel. This is about a gifted swimmer high school student Haruka Nanase and his membership in the swimming club. It also tackles friendship. Also, every athlete development as they trained themselves to the fullest. Season 1 amazingly got the viewers interested in this sports anime, especially on the part where a swimmer loses a prime spot in the relay team during a crucial competition. And, end up settling for a critical decision that affects the whole team.

Many reviews stated that it attracts female viewers. However, a lot of straight guys watched and enjoyed the Free series. Of course, since it discusses the sport swimming, swimmers will be shirtless and shows their body. Some were just exaggerating the series but overall this anime is a great watch.

Big Windup!

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This sports anime discusses the journey of baseball players. The main character Mihashi Ren with low confidence in himself. He loves baseball and he always wanted to be the best pitcher but lacks some skills. With his determination to learn and with the help of his teammates, Mihashi became the ace of the team. Also, because of his past, he had a hard time excelling in his sports. And on their training camp with their first opponent, he successfully won over the demon of his past.

The journey of the team was never easy. But on their training, they developed their skills and prove to everyone that they can win. No matter who they will compete to, they fought for the team.

To add more thrill after the Olympic Season and, while waiting for the Paralympics, try to experience some of these sports anime. Some of these were probably on your watch list or some already watched these. But I know it is worth watching again. And to those who haven’t witnessed these amazing animations, I am confident that you will love these.

Try to watch now and don’t miss the trend! Happy watching.

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