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Say Goodbye To Tired Eyes with Dewha PowerLift Eye Serum

Say Goodbye To Tired Eyes with Dewha PowerLift Eye Serum

In today’s digital age, much of our time is spent looking at screens whether it be for work, study, or leisure. We are so used to constant exposure to digital devices that sometimes we don’t realize that it has started to take a toll on our eye health.

Digital eye strain can lead to sleeplessness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and even dark undereye circles. Yes, digital eye strain can, in fact, cause dark undereye circles. This is because, when your eyes are strained, the blood vessels around your eyes enlarge which causes the eye area to darken.

If you are struggling with tired eyes, you are not alone. Tired eyes can happen to the best of us. The good news is we got just the perfect solution to banish that modern-day malady.

Dewha Powerlift Eye Serum is a lightweight serum infused with a powerful anti-aging and moisturizing ingredient, Tremella polysaccharide. Commonly known as the “Beauty Mushroom”, Tremella polysaccharide is gaining traction in the skincare industry as an ingredient that promotes deep hydration of the skin.

Tremella polysaccharide injects hydration by pulling moisture from the outside and into the skin. This is why experts say that this white snow fungus acts much like hyaluronic acid and in fact it retains moisture better.

Dewha Powerlift Eye Serum is designed specifically to lift the eye area, firm up wrinkles, reduce under-eye puffiness, visibly diminish dark circles, and plump up the skin around the eyes. 

To apply, take a pea-sized amount of  Dewha Powerlift Eye Serum and use your ring finger to gently tap it into the skin to stimulate circulation. Be sure to never tug the skin to avoid your eye area from early sagging and wrinkling.

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For only Php 1499, you get to say goodbye to tired eyes and restore the radiant, younger glow in your eyes.

Purchase this item on the following e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada and TikTok.

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