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PH ARMYs paint SM Cinemas purple for ‘PTD on Stage – Seoul’ Live Viewing

PH ARMYs paint SM Cinemas purple for ‘PTD on Stage – Seoul’ Live Viewing

Proving that “no darkness, no season is eternal,” BTS is more than thrilled to hold their first offline concert, ‘PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL’ in their home country, South Korea. The global superstar septet returns live with three concerts in Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul on March 10, 12 & 13.

Courtesy of HYBE LABELS

ARMYs from all corners of the world didn’t want to miss this monumental event, and so Korean ARMYS flocked to the stadium to experience the magic of the live stage for the first time since 2019. Meanwhile, International ARMYs could catch the first and last shows on live stream via Venewlive.

As if things couldn’t get any more exciting, BigHit Music revealed that the second concert is available for live viewing in theatres across the globe, including the Philippines. SM Cinemas then announced the ticket details for the show, and PH ARMYs have never been more stoked than before.

The Borahaefication of SM Cinemas

On March 12, SM Cinemas was festively adorned with purple hues and shapes from ‘Permission to Dance’. Selfie spots, merchandise, and treats were also set up to keep the fans engaged throughout the pre-event.

Among the sea of people, you couldn’t miss PH ARMYs that came all dolled up for the BTS live homecoming. Friends lined up matching with purple outfits, BT21 headbands, self-customized tickets, and ARMY Bombs a.k.a the BTS official lightstick.

PH ARMYs also exchanged fan-made merchandise, gave away freebies with candies, photo cards, and accessories, and watched dance groups perform during the pre-event. Occasionally, pockets of screams would burst out upon hearing a BTS song playing through the speakers.

Despite this being the first time that BTS and PH ARMYs were together in a live setting full of singing, laughter, and tears, BTS made it clear that there is so much more to come.

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PH ARMYs don’t need permission to dance!

GRAMMY-nominated acts BTS powered over 20 songs including ‘ON,’ ‘Fire,’ ‘DNA,’ ‘Black Swan’, ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘Boy With Luv,’ ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ ‘Home,’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ with a more dynamic set design and vibrant outfits for this leg of PTD ON STAGE tour.

Courtesy of HYBE LABELS

The three-hour concert went on with nothing short of top-tier performances from BTS, with each member shining every moment: RM’s commanding stage presence, Jin’s stable silver vocals, SUGA’s powerful rap delivery, J-Hope’s unparalleled dance prowess, Jimin’s intoxicating movements, V’s undeniable aura, and Jungkook’s tireless domination of the stage.

And when they all moved together, you couldn’t look away. This is a spell that a BTS concert can cast. Now, you can’t blame PH ARMYs for singing and dancing on the edge of their seats!

By the end of it all, PH ARMYs were hoping that BTS would also perform in the country safely this year. Regardless, ‘PTD on Stage – SEOUL’ was still a meaningful homecoming that proved exactly why BTS is one of the biggest musicians today.

For both BTS and ARMYs, spring has finally come, and this special spring will undoubtedly, be a season to remember for a very long time.

BTS will continue their ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ tour in Las Vegas on April 8, 9, 15, and 16.

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